7 thoughts on “Trotsky – All Those Demanding Free Speech Should Be Shot Like Dogs

  1. Including him
    Because he just exercised his freedom of speech , and that’s his right to
    But now from his demand , he should be shown what would happen if his policy was enacted
    He can be the first lesson on how not to be a stupid Fck

    Shut up and bleed like the idiot you are

  2. I wonder if that’s where the term “I’ve got the Trots(kys)”, meaning diarrhea, came from?
    Diarrhea. People think it’s funny. But it’s really very runny.
    Sorry, I’ve missed saying that joke since my grade school days.

  3. Serious Question, Galen.
    Where did you find the website Holodomorinfo.com?
    Or? Where did you find this video.
    I got to the zhilodomorinfo.com site once.
    Saw a long, long list of articles and videos I would like to watch and read and save for references.
    I was not allowed to copy and past the info. Or change and import as a .pdf.
    I should have taken screenshots but there were a lot of them.
    Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, CO
    I didn’t put the z there. I am being watched and interfered with actively as I write this. Maybe you’ve experienced it before or maybe not?

  4. If Americans do not pick a side. No matter how distasteful?
    Unfortunately, politics and corruption are inseparable.
    We, Americans, will end up like the people brutally murdered in this video.
    Pick a side, soon. Please.
    Thanks again for the information. CO

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