Truck Drivers Lead ‘Slow Roll’ Protest Drive To Downtown Chicago

CBS News

A few dozen truckers staged a “slow roll” on I-57 and the Dan Ryan Expressway Friday morning, as they headed to Trump Tower as part of a nationwide protest on wheels. CBS 2’s Mugo Odigwe reports.

2 thoughts on “Truck Drivers Lead ‘Slow Roll’ Protest Drive To Downtown Chicago

    1. Too many illegals driving truck now Best job these creatures have ever had, do you think they are going to participate? Fk no they’re not! We still have about 1.5 million American Nationals driving truck, lets wait and see. The Feds are backing down on the regulations a bit, but still overcharging for tolls, permits, drug tests, medicals and the freight rates are way down, killing any real profit, especially for the poor slob just starting out. It took mr ten years to make any decent money, and that’s not saying much.

      The owner operator is doing alright As long as hes not married, no kids, house or a car. Then maybe he can make bank.

      Most drivers tell you a bunch of bullshit about how much they make, around 45,000 is the norm, experienced you make 20 or 30 grand more. It’s not a level playing field, let’s face it, the jew mafia runs things. Some guys own multiple trucks, pain in the ass.

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