Truck Jumps Over Highway And Explodes- Caught On Camera

Before It’s News – by N. Morgon

This is amazing! A local newspaper, The Greensburg Daily News, reported that the lorry driver and his seven-year-old son, who was traveling with him at the time of the accident, escaped the incident with only minor injuries.

Footage from a dashboard camera of a driver in the US state of Indiana captures the incredible moment an articulated lorry is launched into the air, flies over a two lane highway before exploding in a fireball.

7 thoughts on “Truck Jumps Over Highway And Explodes- Caught On Camera

  1. Gee, must have been a bomb, it exploded in a fireball. Vehicles don’t just explode into fireballs, right?

  2. The video shows the trailer exploding from back to front. It didn’t look like the cab was even on fire.

    What the hell was THAT???

        1. If you watch the video closely you can see the rear axle on the trailer bottoms out. What was so flammable on the back of that flatbed remains a mystery. Yeah, the explosion from back to front is bizzare to say the least.

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