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Trucker faces 40 criminal counts stemming from deadly I-70 crash near Denver


The truck driver involved in a deadly crash along I-70 near Denver last week was charged Friday, May 3, with 40 separate criminal counts as a result of the crash.

The Jefferson County district attorney formally charged 23-year-old Rogel Lazaro Aguilera-Mederos, of Houston, Texas, with four counts of vehicular homicide, six counts of first-degree assault, 24 counts of attempted first-degree assault, two counts of vehicular assault, one count reckless driving and three counts crime of violence. 

The charges were made in connection with the April 25 crash that involved 28 vehicles, including four other tractor-trailers. Four people were killed and four others injured.

Aguilera-Mederos is alleged to have been traveling eastbound, driving a tractor-trailer, when he lost control and crashed into traffic that was backed up from an earlier crash.

He is being held in the Jefferson County Jail on a $400,000 bond.


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11 Responses to Trucker faces 40 criminal counts stemming from deadly I-70 crash near Denver

  1. Mark Schumacher says:

    There are people out there that feel sorry for this piece of shit.

    For example this American traitor


  2. Enemy of the State says:

    He won’t get charged on all 40
    It will get lawyered down to 2 or 3

    I swear he better be getting some time for that
    A lot of dead people and their families deserve to know there’s still a shred of law still left in these illegitimate courts

    And a message needs to be sent to the rest of these shit hole companies that try to shave a buck by putting our lives in danger !

  3. H D says:

    When this happen I said then that someone would bail his sorry ass out wait and. See

  4. Norm says:

    If this was you or me…. 2 million for Bail, if we got bail. and Charges would be aggravated, gross negligence on and on….. His 40 counts are BS..

    He will end up getting….involuntary manslaughter, claiming mechanical failure and inability to access the runoff ramp he passed up and be out after 1.5 yrs with time served, at worst…..and he will vaporize back to Ole Mexico baby…

    • Mark Schumacher says:

      Unfortunately Norm, you and EOTS are right, hard for me to even talk about this, raises my blood pressure. Will the SOB even be deported? I doubt it.

      Passed up emergency exits, that’s murder…The world laughs at us. We are pathetic..

      • # 1 NWO Hatr says:

        “The world laughs at us. We are pathetic..”

        Beg to differ, Mark.

        The world may be laughing at us, but WE’RE HEAVILY ARMED, whereas THEY’RE PITIFULLY UNARMED. The freakin’ Brits are about to lose their knives, and if THAT isn’t the height of insanity, I don’t know what is.

        So, who are the TRULY PATHETIC ones… I have to ask.

        • Mark Schumacher says:

          Yep, hard to argue that point… Happy Birthday by the way…. Hope your day is going well…

          • # 1 NWO Hatr says:

            Thanks, Mark.

            And I see that it’s nearly 4:20, so I guess I’ll have to step outside and hit the new Lemon Meringue x Mimosa cartridge. 🙂

  5. c. walker says:

    Trucks should not be on the same road as passengers

  6. old lady says:

    I heard a snip-it yesterday on radio he was going 83mph and then the brakes failed!! What a bunch of sh##

    • Mark Schumacher says:

      You got that right, his brakes were red hot and he was screaming like a 13 year old girl after getting her first period.

      Ever hear a enemy wet back scream like a girl?

      Btw- semis do 83 down hill all the time, take it from an expert who has been, let’s say, invited to the shoulder. You just have to know what your limitations are, to coin a phrase. 🙂

      Not in Colorado mind you – Wyoming wide open, no traffic. Invited to the shoulder yes.

      Pennsylvania mountains I80 are a goddamned race track.

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