7 thoughts on “Trudeau: “Even though the blockades are lifted… this state of emergency is not over.”

  1. Now there’s two things on my bucket list.
    I would really enjoy slapping the pink out of that doughy fruit!
    The feeling just comes natural.

  2. People

    You cannot comply your way out of Tyranny !
    Don’t you fcking get it ?
    Heads are going to roll , it’s fcking war !
    The heads that need to roll and end up on spikes are not We the People’s heads , get it fuking right for once !! Jeeeze

    We all know this only has two ways this can go
    Let’s change the direction of history this time and do what’s right … eliminate the oppressors

    1. I get it! I got it! I had it right out the gate! Nobody gave a crap… until the truckers (a masonic psy-op) woke some of them up. Like the song says, “too much to little, too late.” Too many of them still worship what Henry calls “that fat little bitch on the English throne” and they’re writing letters to the Governor General of Canada. Since when do you beg your oppressor for anything that already belongs to you? If they don’t wake up, too, I think we’re already royally f****d!

  3. I hear all y’all! People act confused and ask what in the world is going on? I tell them, wake up, fools, we are in the middle of a communist revolution.

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