Trudeau Holds Panicked Press Conference, Blames Americans, Consequences to Joining Convoy “To Get More Severe”

Gateway Pundit – by Julian Conradson

Following a night of frantic meetings with cabinet officials to discuss crackdowns on protesters, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau vowed on Friday to do “whatever it takes” to shut down the grassroots Freedom Convoy that has gridlocked the country’s Capitol city and several major ports of entry along the US-Canada border.

“Everything is on the table,” he claimed during a press briefing on Friday, including the eventual use of military force if protesters continue with their blockades.

Via Rebel Media.

“The Border Cannot and Will Not Remain Closed. Everything is on the table, because this unlawful activity has to end and it will end.”

Good luck with that. The world is watching.

Trudeau’s comments mirror the panicked press release that was sent out by his office on Thursday night, which also stated that all options are being considered to crush the Canadian people’s peaceful uprising and bring it to an abrupt end.

During Friday’s press conference, Trudeau reiterated his slanderous claims about the Trucker convoy being a fringe minority, stating that the group does not represent the views of most Canadians and that they are posing a direct “threat” to “public safety.”

Despite protesters remaining completely peaceful, Trudeau stated that blockades must end because they are “hurting” people.

What a joke.

“The illegal blockades are hurting Canadians. They’re endangering jobs, they’re a threat to our economy and to public safety. The blockades are hurting small businesses and neighborhoods.

At the border they’re impacting trade, supply chains and manufacturing. The people these blockades are hurting are everyday families, auto assembly workers, truckers, and blue-collar Canadians.

The blockades have to end for the good of all Canadians.”

During the Q&A, multiple bootlicking reporters clamored in favor of the Canadian Government using military force against the lawful protest, but Trudeau downplayed that scenario, at least for the time being.

From Revolver News:

Trudeau said that military options are not in consideration ‘right now,” but [clarified] that the government is planning for any eventuality.

‘We have to be ready for any eventuality, but it’s not something we are seriously contemplating at this time,’ he said.”


Trudeau wasn’t done there. He continued by issuing threats against Canadians who were thinking of joining the protesters, claiming that if they were to show up, the consequences for “breaking the law” are going to continue to get “more severe.”

Like a true tyrant, Trudeau followed up his threats by marginalizing the people’s will and ignoring the impetus for the uprising completely, chastising the protesters by telling them ‘you have been heard, so’ “it’s time to go home now.”

The Canadian Coward also pointed fingers at Americans because they have been supporting the blockades both morally and financially.

Trudeau better be ready to send in the cavalry, because these people aren’t going anywhere unless he ends the Covid mandates and his tyrannical oppression permanently.

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9 thoughts on “Trudeau Holds Panicked Press Conference, Blames Americans, Consequences to Joining Convoy “To Get More Severe”

  1. When threats like this come from them
    It shows they are losing ground
    The world is watching now
    Your move idiots

  2. ummmmmmmm….Maybe it’s just me, but has anyone else noticed THERE’S NOT A SINGLE MENTION OF ANY COVID OUTBREAK with hundreds of thousands or millions gathered together around the world?

    You would think that even ONE person getting sick (99% unmasked), they’d be all over a New Variant/outbreak with ‘untold dead and dying’.


    1. Yep. They are still pushing the covid (doesn’t exist) numbers through the propaganda machine, but we already know those are really the kill shot deaths and injuries.

  3. There is a Shell gas station right where the demonstration crowd is gathered. A call was put out by one of the truckers to boycott Shell. Not one drop of gasoline should come out of their pumps. We know who owns Shell. They have oceans of blood on their hands. Part of my mission when I go down there is to pass that information along.

  4. I now understand why this Stew Peters, David Martin story is not being allowed here. Stew Peters is a shill for the covid (doesn’t exist) lie and David Martin does not promote the Bill of Rights. They are both keeping the focus on the corporate admiralty. Zero tolerance here for that. My mistake. When I’m out there fighting, I will emphasize this diversionary tactic to keep us off point. Although the people who pay attention to them believe they are blowing the lid off of the covid (doesn’t exist) scam, they are being deceived and misled. The only courts that will solve this are the Common Law Courts under the Bill of Rights, 1791. This is what the people must learn, about what David Martin and Stew Peters are doing. These are the worst kind of traitors, who suck the masses into the wrong jurisdiction, criminal, to be more exact, with stories that make them feel like the lesser traitors will be held accountable. They won’t. Not by their courts, they won’t.

    1. ‘and David Martin does not promote the Bill of Rights. ‘…. yup, and the reason I stopped listening to him quite a while back as his diversionary tactics were so apparent

      1. I slipped up today when I wrote a comment which included the link to them. After wondering why it wouldn’t go through, I was 100% confirmed in my suspicion that they are both shills. I’m glad this happened to me today (sorry for the extra work, Henry), because as I am seeing it appear in the freedom movement on social media platforms, I am confident in saying, “don’t be fooled by these guys”, and I am explaining why.

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