Trump Again Blasts Fed For Even Considering Rate Hike

World Events and the Bible

WEB Notes: If you have never taken the time to read our study and article, “The Destruction Of Our Nation And The Ballot Box“, now would be a good time. When Trump was elected to office it pacified the conservative base, many thought things were going to change, but they have not. Even Trump cannot understand why the Federal Reserve is continuing to raise rates…

The answer is very simple, to bring down the current global structure. This is being engineered at the highest levels by Satan’s children. It appears we may truly be headed for a global catastrophe and a global restructure, one the President clearly does not understand.

If things continue to degrade it will enter a point of no return, a further indication that the globalists have decided to move to the next phase of globalism, a more consolidated and combined world. That is not guaranteed by a global systematic crash, but at this juncture of history, it certainly seems possible.

“It is incredible that with a very strong dollar and virtually no inflation, the outside world blowing up around us, Paris is burning and China way down, the Fed is even considering yet another interest rate hike. Take the Victory!” Trump wrote in a tweet.

Source: Trump again blasts Fed for even considering rate hike | Reuters

World Events and the Bible

4 thoughts on “Trump Again Blasts Fed For Even Considering Rate Hike

  1. Recall during the presidential election Trump was on record blasting the Fed. Reserve for NOT raising interest rates under Obama so as to keep a financial crisis from occurring on O’s watch.

    Anyway, it’s all a big fat game and we know it!!

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