TRUMP commutes Sholom Rubashkin prison sentence

Published on Aug 9, 2018

sentenced to 27 years, out in 9 years. 58 year old rubashkin ran and owned America’s largest kosher meat plant (Agriprocessors) in Portsville Iowa. On may 12th 2008 FBI raided the plant. Finding 389 illegals working at the plant. at the time it was the largest raid in USA history. Originally, prosecution looked for a LIFE SNTENCE!!! Ultimately, mr. shitskin was found guilty on 86 counts of Federal Bank Fraud and other money related issues.

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5 Responses to TRUMP commutes Sholom Rubashkin prison sentence

  1. Bluwater says:

    Pressure from your owners, ‘Mr. President’?

  2. # 1 NWO Hatr says:

    He’s a stinking jew. They can’t possibly be guilty of any crimes.

    Their filthy Talmud says so.

  3. OKC koyote says:

    Nasty asshole

  4. Peter says:

    Plenty of others serving for a myriad of offenses.
    Why that guy?
    I can’t help but agree with Bluwater.

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