Trump confirms rollout of ‘medical miracle’ Pfizer vaccine across US

Dec 11, 2020
President Donald Trump says the FDA’s approval of the Pfizer vaccine is a ‘medical miracle’ and confirms it will be rolled out across America. He adds ‘this is one of the greatest scientific accomplishments in history, it will save millions of lives and soon end the pandemic once and for all’.
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5 thoughts on “Trump confirms rollout of ‘medical miracle’ Pfizer vaccine across US

  1. There you have it trumptards…! But hey he’s your champion, guess you all gonna line up for your shot now right?

    Are you starting to scratch your head a little more now?

    Along with the take the guns first and due process later thing, kinda makes yah think a bit….

    Uh duhhh we’ll he still wants to make America great right, so guess he’s right, best go take our shot..!

    Stupid fks, your government loves you…!!

    Trump loves you…!

    America is Great

    Don’t need that that bill of rights now do you..!

    1. Ok got to admit I didn’t watch the video before making above comment.

      After watching it I have come to realize that I do not have enough ammo. Fk

      Thought I did…shit

  2. Wow. Even after everyone has suffered allergic reactions, fever and death from it.


    The “great reset” continues…..

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