Trump Declares Wednesday ‘National Day Of Mourning’ For President Bush; Stock Market To Close

Zero Hedge – by Tyler Durden

To honor the death of America’s 41st President George H W Bush, President Trump has declared Wednesday to be a ‘National Day of Mourning’ for his predecessor, who died last night at age 94.

This is the first time since Hurricane Sandy in October 2012 that the stock market will be closed on a regular trading day. A spokesman for the New York Stock Exchange confirmed that markets would close in keeping with tradition.  

President Trump said he plans to hold a press conference to share progress made at the Argentina summit and to honor the fallen president after the funeral. The market was closed on Jan. 2, 2007 to honor the death of Gerald Ford when he passed away, resulting in a rare four-day halt in trading, according to CNN Money.

The flag at the White House was ordered lowered to half mast in Bush’s honor.

8 thoughts on “Trump Declares Wednesday ‘National Day Of Mourning’ For President Bush; Stock Market To Close

  1. National Day of Mourning, eh? Okay, I’ll mourn for all the innocents the Bush dynasty killed.

    “Stock market to close.” How sweet. No rigged gambling for a while.


  2. ‘All USPS® retail locations will be closed on Wed., Dec. 5 to honor President George H.W. Bush. There will be no regular mail delivery & package delivery will be limited’

  3. My wallet has just been closed, indefinitely in memory of GHWBushssss bucket kickin’. There will be no due taxes, until further notice.

  4. Really? A holiday for this asshole’s death?

    My father did more than this asshole when he was alive. How come we didn’t get a holiday for him?

    No mail on Wednesday just because he died. No one cares! No need to stop the mail and services over it. Sheesh!

    And why do we have to lower our flag for the treasonous piece of shit? He spit on it more times than we can count. We should be raising it sky-high to honor the fact that he’s dead and that no one will have to suffer at his hand anymore.


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