Trump to establish National Vetting Center for immigrants, visitors

The Hill – by Olivia Beavers

President Trump is set to establish a “National Vetting Center” on Tuesday to improve the vetting process of individuals coming into the United States, according to a White House daily schedule.

The national security memorandum Trump plans to sign will give the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and other government agencies a six-month deadline to establish the center, CNN reported Monday. 

Two administration officials told the news outlet that the center would aim to improve how different federal agencies share information about vetting, as well as streamline the process.

It is unclear how the center will change how immigrants and travelers coming onto American soil will be vetted.

The center will be a coordinated effort between DHS, the Justice Department, the State Department, and other intelligence agencies, a National Security Council official told CNN. The presidential directive will not call for any new funding, the official added.

The memorandum would include a provision to also establish a panel within the next six months that will provide oversight on privacy and civil liberties issues for the center, according to CNN’s report.

A board of governors, which will include Cabinet members, is also expected to oversee the panel.

Trump has repeatedly called for “extreme vetting” of those entering the U.S. His travel ban, which the Supreme Court has agreed to review, has been one of his most controversial and challenged policies.

7 thoughts on “Trump to establish National Vetting Center for immigrants, visitors

  1. Establish a panel, form a committee, extreme vetting, ANYTHING to convince the American people that someone is actually doing something to stop the invasion.

    Anything EXCEPT closing the border, of course.

    We have military bases in more than 100 different countries, but for some reason, it’s just impossible to stop the wetbacks. I guess they cross the border with advanced weaponry that out military is afraid to confront.

  2. Why don’t we start with a national vetting center for presidents. And while we’re at it let’s jail some of the past presidents who have been illegally elected, and paid fortunes with book deals that nobody bought, given speeches nobody gave a damn about, and laugh in our faces daily because we are too stupid to do anything about it.

    Stop the illegal transfer of American wealth to 3rd world shit holes. Wet backs alone send home over 83 billion a year of our money.

  3. On the vetting… I heard that one just has to prove one is alive and has complete ownership of the clothes on his back. Males between 18 and 30 are fast-tracked.

    wink wink


  4. “It is unclear how the center will change how immigrants and travelers coming onto American soil will be vetted.”

    It’s ABUNDANTLY CLEAR to US as to WHY, however.

  5. “A national vetting center for presidents.”

    The trenches is exactly that, and way more. Our vetting system will swiftly administer permanent results.

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