Trump Gives Arpaio the Thumbs Up – Lets the Bundys and Hammonds Rot

Joe Arpaio put on a good show during his tenure, made sure the country knew where he stood with illegal immigration. Tents, pink underwear, lousy food, lousy TV, and tough talk, while profiling the wet backs. The profiling thing got him into trouble, why? Because he was ordered not to, he did it anyway.

Arpio was an easy pardon for Trump, he knew he would score points and at the same time not take too much heat. A classic example of the “three card monte”, diverting attention away from the much more troublesome pardons, the Bundys and the Hammonds, currently rotting in prison for doing nothing more than grazing cattle on  illegally government seized land.   

Never mind Arpaio treating Arizona prisoners like human trash, even going as far as shacking legs with walking chains while working, something that did nothing except give Arpaio some sort of sick gratification.

The reason Trump can’t easily wrap his head around a pardon for the Bundys or the Hammonds is because they’re charged with federal crimes against the United States. This is where Trump disappoints millions of American Nationals, these charges are bullshit.

There is some talk of Roger Stone defending the Bundy family, a Trump supporter and lobbyist guru with 40 years of political experience. He supposedly has Trumps ear for some sort of a Bundy pardon.

This is another peanut under one of the three cups, when shuffled expertly, can confuse and divert, something Barnum and Bailey made one hell of a lot of money with while fleecing the public.

What this is really about is gold, uranium and precious natural resources that are being systematically stolen from the most important people in America, the American National. So much has been stolen already, that if left alone, America would have close to a ZERO national debt, close to zero homelessness, free medical and money left over to put us all in outstanding living conditions.

This is why Trump is standing down, while showing cowardice, negligence and outright disregard for the Bill of Rights.

The Bundys and the Hammonds are paying the price for nothing more than totalitarians playing their games, usurping what our forefathers envisioned, fought and died for as to free all from slavery.

Double jeopardy now plays a role in all of this, as Scott Drexler and Eric Parker will be re-tried for a third time, doing nothing more than delaying a Bundy trial, keeping an elderly man in prison for doing nothing illegal. As Drexler and Parker sit and wait for the next circus act, they can ponder how pointing a rifle at people that are armed and pointing rifles back in a threatening manner can warrant a 35 year sentence.

Let’s put ourselves back in time, 1775 when our forefathers were threatened with rifles being pointed at them by the enemies who wanted to take away everything that was dear to them, I think all of us here have an easy solution while pondering this scenario.

3 thoughts on “Trump Gives Arpaio the Thumbs Up – Lets the Bundys and Hammonds Rot

  1. Chump is far more concerned for his fellow sewer rats than the American people.

    Like we didn’t see THIS one coming.

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