Trump Just Started WW3

Published on Apr 6, 2017 by Barry Soetoro

Did Trump just declare World War 3 — as Tillerson announces USA plan to remove Syria’s president Assad? Just like removing Saddam Husein from Iraq, CIA’s Syria strategy starts by demonizing the foreign leader (with a staged Syrian “sarin gas attack”), then calls for United Nations joint effort to seize control of the foreign territory.

But this False Flag “sarin gas attack” in Syria was poorly staged by CIA and Israel — since emergency personnel handled victims of the fake sarin attack using bare hands (no protective gloves). That would never happen in a real chemical weapons attack — since the paramedics would get contanimated with neurological toxins.

Is Trump’s strategy against Syria just a replay of the phony “WMD Weapons of Mass Destruction” excuse used to overthrow Iraq? Is oil the goal — or does the USA seek something more?

7 thoughts on “Trump Just Started WW3

  1. *** Is Trump’s strategy against Syria just a replay of the phony “WMD Weapons of Mass Destruction” excuse used to overthrow Iraq? ***

    Yes, although it probably wasn’t Trump’s idea. He himself might not even realize it was a false flag. But either way, he’s going to do whatever his handlers tell him.

    *** Is oil the goal — or does the USA seek something more? ***

    The goal is to further empower Israel. That was also the goal of the Iraq invasion. Oil has little or nothing to do with it.

  2. This is bullshit. While there might be a war later, this bombing will not start a war. The “hook-in-the-mouth-war” with Russia, is for another time.

  3. WW3 has begun. Russia vs USA with Asia in the middle.

    It is going to cost us big.

    This planet and it’s limited resources were a ticking bomb – there isn’t enough of this planet to server 7.4 billion, so a war is a natural way for us to thin the heard.

    Unfortunately, this war is going to make WW1 and WW2 look like a fist fight. The planet will never be the same, this is the beginning of the end. 20 years from now Earth will have only 100 million humans to deal with.

    1. Change begins at the home, so start thinning the herd there if you’re going to try to justify an overpopulation argument. Put your money and a 12ga where your mouth is. The earth has more than enough resources to sustain the population, it unfortunately has sociopaths controlling it’s resources for wealth and power. They pollute it and poison us proles, and subsequently extort us to “correct” the damage they intentionally caused to extract even MORE mammon. Innocents by the billions are all that will be sacrificed to feed their addiction and unless you feel you are one of the chosen 100 million you speak of, you’d better grow a pair and make ready.

  4. There’s going to be a reckoning when the time comes.Those who’ve caused this suffering and who have caused the demise of what once was a great nation will have no place on earth they can hide.Do I teach my son to be a survivor or to be a regular law biding citizen ? When the sht hits the fan and civility goes out the window all bets are off.We stand on the edge right now of what could go either way.The person who posted this video knows his subject very well.Sadly he and people like him are voices being ignored and drowned out by the drums of war.WW1 started in much the same way with many of the same players.Evil doesn’t just come from nowhere,it gets voted into power under the pretext of a better nation and a peaceful future.We were lied to once again as we always have been – every time.When are people going to start waking up and start thinking for themselves ? If a million people stormed D.C. and said with one voice -No more war ,and the same happened in the capitols of all the nation’s pushing for war,they would have no choice but to heed the warning and act accordingly.We the people no matter what nation we belong to do have the power to make a change for the better and can stop all this madness before it gets out of control.This isn’t the early 1900s,We have instant communication now and what one person says can be heard by millions instantly.I would much rather see a decent future where we all say with one voice,no more wars and not with my tax dollars.We don’t have to just let this happen.Most people want peace and it’s always a minority who controls the destiny of the majority.Its time that changes.Start asking more questions.Start pressuring your politicians for real change and real dialog .Start getting your information from more than one source and stop listening to the mainstream media propaganda.Form your own opinion instead of letting them form it for you.They think we’re stupid and maybe there’s some truth to it but we are more than capable of thinking for ourselves and ignoring the lies and to hold them accountable.The choice is yours to make.What side of history do you want to be on ? What future do you want for our children and their children ?

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