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Trump Just Unleashed Hell On Man Who Came After Him Last Night – Use All Means Possible

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Want 5000$? Then find this guy ASAP!

The violent threats against President Trump and his family are really ratcheting up this week. U.S. Marshals are now searching for a central Pennsylvania man accused of threatening President Trump and other officials. He’s at large and considered armed and dangerous. This came out last night and the president is ordering that all means possible be used to apprehend this guy. The suspect is 26-year-old Shawn Christy of McAdoo, Pennsylvania.  

Christy posted a social media post threatening to “put a bullet in the head of President Trump.” That’s about as serious a threat as you can make and is against the law of course. You can bet the police, U.S. Marshals, and the FBI are looking everywhere for this guy and his freedom will shortly come to an end. The post has since been deleted. Too late. The Internet is forever and so are d***h threats against the President of the United States. One of his threats read, “Keep it up Morganelli, I promise I’ll put a bullet in your head as soon as I put one in the head of President Donald J. Trump. Remember where you came from punk.”

Christy also posted threats against Northampton County District Attorney John Morganelli. It also isn’t the first time this creep has been in trouble for making threats. Christy made headlines in 2010 after Sarah Palin, who was then governor of Alaska, filed for a restraining order against him. Both Christy and his father were sentenced to probation in 2012 for making hundreds of threatening phone calls to former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin and her attorney. Palin claimed that Shawn Christy harassed her and a friend. He also pleaded guilty to harassing Palin’s attorneys by telephone in 2011 and was sentenced to probation. He later served two years in federal prison for violating his probation by leaving a halfway house.

In 2015, Christy pleaded guilty to two summary counts of harassment at McCann School of Business for harassing a teacher and administrator. The list is long on this guy.

Police raided his parents’ home in McAdoo early Wednesday morning. He was not there. U.S. Marshals executed a warrant at Christy’s home with assistance from the U.S. Secret Service, FBI, state police, McAdoo and Kline Twp. police, the Schuylkill County District Attorney’s Office and the Northampton County Sheriff’s Office.

“He is wanted for making threats against the president of the United States and other government officials via social media,” Clark said. Christy also threatened to “shoot any law enforcement officer who attempts to arrest him,” Supervisor Clark said.

“We were scared. We don’t know what’s going on. The Army’s out here and no one will tell us what’s happening,” Gloria Brogan said. Christy has also made threats to the police, so he’s not the sharpest knife in the drawer. Wonder if he’s part of Antifa or Occupy Wallstreet? Both of those radical groups have threatened ICE officers and their families in the last few days. And Democratic Socialists of America harassed DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen. One of the ones attacking Nielson was Allison Hrabar, who just happens to work for the DOJ. Peter Fonda also threatened Barron Trump, Sarah Huckabee Sanders and Nielsen yesterday. It’s a smorgasbord of hate.

Christy’s parents say he is not dangerous. “I wouldn’t find him as a threat right now, he’s just angry. He’s angry at the whole situation,” said his father Craig Christy. Yeah, that’s the same guy who was sentenced with his son in 2012. Not exactly a credible voice here.

In 2017, Shawn Christy was charged with aggravated assault for allegedly swinging a stick at former McAdoo mayor Stephan Holly. “I understand where he’s coming from because he’s been through so much hell the past ten years and he has not seen any justice,” said his mother Karen Christy. Gee, the whole family is comprised of radical, leftist nuts. I don’t think their defense of their son here means much. He’s obviously a violent whack job who is a threat to the president, the D.A. and the police. “Shawn, please turn yourself in,” Christy’s father pleaded.

From TribLive:

“One of the first posts came in late May, when Shawn Christy appealed to Trump on his Facebook page, asking him for help with his legal problems in Northampton and Schuylkill counties.

“”Here’s the deal, Trump,” he wrote in the post. “Tell your probation dogs in Northampton County to get off my a–; while you’re at it have my case there vacated. I’ll have you impeached by August, wanna bet?”

“The Morning Call of Allentown reported that Shawn Christy pleaded guilty in April to making terroristic threats to a Berkheimer tax collection clerk in Bangor, Northampton County. In that case, he was sentenced to 12 months probation and ordered to attend anger management classes.

“In a June 3 post, he wrote, “As far as your threat of a bench warrant, know this, I will use full lethal force on any law enforcement officer that attempts to detain me.”

“With the recent threats and the language and the volume and everything that he’s saying, it’s just something that we’re not going to take a chance with not taking it seriously,” said Deputy U.S. Marshal Robert Clark. Exactly. The U.S. Marshals believe Christy may be hiding in the woods in the area. They’re looking for him, but are asking for the public’s help in finding him. Police say if you see Christy to please call 911 or the U.S. Marshals at (484) 358-1974. There’s also a $5,000 reward on the guy’s head.

These threats should be taken seriously. The search for Shawn Christy began at about 5 a.m. Wednesday, according to Robert Clark, a supervisor with the Marshals Service’s Fugitive Task Force. “He is believed to be a clear and present danger to the immediate law enforcement community,” Clark said. They need to catch this guy before he hurts or kills someone.

US Breaking News

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4 Responses to Trump Just Unleashed Hell On Man Who Came After Him Last Night – Use All Means Possible

  1. Katie says:

    This is some of the beginnings of the street brawls before the full blown, decide which side your on, uprising for liberty happens.

  2. flee says:

    Our President doesn’t deserve this type of treatment.

    Look at the brightside….

    This person “came” at the President.

    He didn’t “cum” on him.


    I’m putting myself in moderation after that cumment.

  3. NC says:

    Oh puhlease….. I’ve heard way worse things said and posted online about the president and political figures in the past than this. This is just the elites way of starting censorship and fear against anyone who says anything bad about Donnie or any other future president or politician wannabe.

    This is just another way for the elites to crackdown on free speech and dissent.

    Kiss my ass, Donnie! You’re a Zionist, treasonous piece of shit and everyone knows it.

  4. Scott says:

    Now that Donnie has officially committed TREASON, Mr. Christy is an AMERICAN PATRIOT! We must defend this country from enemies foreign and domestic and The Donald IS a domestic enemy of the United States! TREASON, thy name is Trump!

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