Trump looking at using military to distribute COVID-19 vaccine

Jul 30, 2020
Asked about how his administration will ensure distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine once one is available, U.S. President Donald Trump said the military is “all lined up” and will handle distribution in a “very powerful manner.”
Top infectious disease expert Dr. Anthony Fauci said they also plan to have it distributed in an equitable way that is representative “of the populations who need it most.”

6 thoughts on “Trump looking at using military to distribute COVID-19 vaccine

  1. Those first 30 seconds play like a blatant threat. He is a master at faking confidence. And just exactly how does he want us to interpret his message that the military will administer the vax “in a very powerful manner?” Will there be a parade with tanks and marching bands? Fly-over jets? Fireworks? Perhaps some dancing Israelis? Will the ‘soldiers’ come in camo or sterile white coats? One wonders if an order-follower has a death-wish or simply does not think for himself?

    For so many of us, the forced vax is just one definitive line in the sand, and Trump and the boys have now put their big toe on that line. It almost feels like the moment of that ‘shot heard ’round the world.’


  2. I guess many in the “military” are going to die trying to follow Chump’s edict. Chump, Gates of Hell, and Motherf***er Fauci can all go to hell.

    1. Well if the military gets vaxxed first they likely will die! Bwahahahahahahahahahah!

      Oh, and, watch out for mountain lions….

  3. That old lady faucci with her mask around her chin needs to wear a lincoln top hat and play a game of “night at the theatre”.

    They all should play, actually.

  4. If the military thinks it can force this upon us , or think they should take those orders from the Trump ( or any other douchebag)they can eat a bullet just as easy as any Fck in a white lab coat trying to stick me

    Think really really hard about the “ just following orders” bullshit
    Who’s watching your family ?

    Let me know when they come out with a vaccination for the .45 caliber hole in your forehead

  5. whose military? “we have a general and logistically he’s all set”
    it’s not a vaccine , it’s a kill shot as is the flu shot

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