Trump & The Masonic Jewish Tag Team

Henry Makow

What is Donald Trump’s place in the big picture?

Trump is a Freemason and probably a crypto Jew. He is surrounded by Jews. The Masonic Jewish (Illuminati) goal is the reduction of the human race (goyim) to the status of domestic animals serving the elite. We see this emergent pattern in the gross disparities of wealth  in today’s world.   


The Illuminati advance this agenda through mind control (mass media, education) and war. They can’t subjugate humanity alone; they need the goyim to destroy each other.  “War is revolutionary,” insider Chaim Rakofski said. 

Thus, they have developed a tag team to promote war. On the one hand, we have the Communist Jews (“globalist”) who attack the goyim by undermining their national, religious, racial and family (gender) identity. On the other hand, are the Fascists, Nazis or Zionist (“nationalist”) Jews, who pretend to defend the goyim from this onslaught. Trump won election by appealing to the latter demography.

From a different angle, we have a conflict between philo-Semitic Masonic Jews (Communists) and “anti-Semitic” Masonic Jews (Fascists, Nazis, Zionists.) While claiming to defend Jews, Zionism creates anti Semitism (and false flag terror) to coerce Jews into serving their megalomaniacal agenda.

Similarly, they use false flag terror to herd the goyim. The goy elite has been decimated in wars contrived by the Illuminati. The goy vestige has been coopted with promises that they will share in the spoils.

In  Zionism in the Age of the Dictators (1983), author Lenni Brenner claims that Zionists have always betrayed the Jewish masses, whose interests were, in reality, defended by the Bolsheviks and their heirs, the Trotskyists; and that during the 1930s and 1940s all branches of Zionism collaborated with the fascists and Nazis. (27-37)

The conflict between the Communists and the Zionist Masonic factions ensures perpetual war.


Zionism is not only about a Jewish state; it is about a Jewish world-order. The same applies to Communism: “social justice” is a ruse. The Jew World Order will be achieved by pitting the goyim against each other. Most Jews are not aware of this. They would gladly assimilate but, like the goyim, they have been tricked into supporting Zionism or Communism.

Arnold J. Toynbee was a propagandist for the Cecil Rhodes’ Round Table group, i.e. the Communist (globalist) faction.
He wrote, “Judaism is a development of the Pre-Exilic religion of Judah that was created in and by the Babylonian diaspora and was imposed by it on the Jewish population in Judaea. … There has also been the aim of converting the gentile world to the worship of Yahweh under the aegis of a world-empire centred on Eretz Israel and ruled by ‘the Lord’s Anointed’: a coming human king of Davidic lineage.” (Reconsiderations, 1961, p. 486).
“The guilt – or merit – of having put Jesus to death is ascribed in the Talmud to the Jews, not to the Romans.” (p. 481)  In other words, Cabalist (Masonic) Judaism is Satanic.
There are many signs that the Nazism was funded by Zionist Jews.  For example, Churchill said ex-German Chancellor (1930-1932) Heinrich Brüning  revealed  the identities of Hitler’s backers in a 1937 letter:  ‘I didn’t, and do not even today for understandable reasons, wish to reveal from October 1928, the two largest regular contributors to the Nazi Party were the general managers of two of the largest Berlin banks, both of Jewish faith and one of them the leader of Zionism in Germany.” 

download (84).jpeg

Barack Obama is a toady and lickspittle for George Soros and the Communist Jewish faction.  “Communist” Jews are in the forefront of the hysterical opposition to Donald Trump, threatening an ongoing campaign of civil disobedience and worse. Thus we have a situation similar to Weimar Germany where Communist and Nazis fought each other in the streets, and later Communists and homosexuals were rounded up.
Apart from Trump’s unqualified support for Israel, many indications suggest Trump is in the Zionist camp described above. His “chief strategist” Steve Bannon is from, a probable Mossad front which defined Trump’s anti migrant, anti-Iran, anti free trade and pro Russia policy. See Makow “Have Americans Been NeoConned?”  
Uber Zionist Sheldon Adelson is reported to have promised Trump $100 million for his election campaign.


Then there are the dog whistles.  Trump’s extremely effective final campaign commercial pictured Janet Yellin and implied that Trump would “drain the swamp” by attacking the Fed and Goldman Sachs.  An earlier ad attacking Clinton corruption featured a Star of David. The Commie Jew faction was quick to assert that Trumprepresents “white supremacists.”   (Indeed, any attempt to defend traditional America is equated with “hate.”)

All the European populist “far right” parties seem to be lining up behind Zionism  while the globalist anti-Putin factions are in the Communist Jewish (Soros) camp.   The latter flooded Europe with Muslim migrants, Now Europeans are identifying with Israel.


Recently 70 nations beholden to the Communist Jew agenda held a meeting in Paris which could be interpreted as anti Zionist because it held up hope for a two-nation solution to the Israeli Palestinian conflict.

Netanyahu dismissed this as the last vestige of a dying era. “This conference belongs to yesterday’s world. Tomorrow’s world will be different — and it is very near.”

What does “tomorrow’s world” look like?  Putin, like Stalin, is a nationalist. I see Israel, Russia, the UK and the US drawing closer together.

Who will the Communists line up against them? They are still extremely powerful in the US controlling the CIA, media, corporations and education. Hollande, Merkel and the EU are in their camp.

The danger is that an empowered Zionism will lead Trump to attack an increasingly isolated Iran.

Like most sensible people, I am relieved Trump won and hopeful his promise to save mainstream America is sincere.

But current events recall an established historical charade, a conflict energized by the two Masonic Jewish factions that produced World War Two and polarize the West today.

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14 thoughts on “Trump & The Masonic Jewish Tag Team

  1. Trump could never be selected as president of the U. S. Corporation without the approval of the Jewish Zionists. Trump could never have been a billionaire or recovered from bankruptcy without the approval of Jewish Zionists.

  2. “Like most sensible people, I am relieved Trump won and hopeful his promise to save mainstream America is sincere.”

    Well there’s your first mistake.

    When will people learn? THEY ALL WORK FOR THE ELITES!!!

    1. “Like most sensible people, I am relieved Trump won and hopeful his promise to save mainstream America is sincere.”

      Good point on bringing this forth. Funny how the author is quite schooled on the subject yet is relieved Trump won. He must not know zios don’t keep promises, well not the ones that effect the people for good.

    2. You have to consider what immediately followed that statement, NC…

      “But current events recall an established historical charade,…”

      Take my word for it… Henry Makow knows EXACTLY what’s going on.

      1. Good to know Henry knows what’s going on, as you highly esteem his understanding. I don’t always know who is worthy of trusting.

        1. Been reading him for years, Katie. He’s a jew, BUT… he’s just like Brother Nathaniel in regard to exposing the NWO’s Zionist scumbag jews. Highly credible.

          1. Just the other day I heard Henry was a jew, so I wasn’t sure what to think and the person that made the comment didn’t clarify, at least I did not hear it.

            Good to know.

  3. If Trump is a mason, I want to see him in his mason apron. Henry makow turned on Jeff Rense a few years ago, so I take anything Henry rights down, with a grain of salt. To do realestate in New York you are going to have to deal with Jews, that’s a given. I personally do not believe Trump is a Mason or in any other secret society.

    1. “Henry makow turned on Jeff Rense a few years ago,…”

      Thanks for this info, Wade, I didn’t know that.

      btw, I did too, so that’s an even bigger plus in Henry’s favor.

  4. Is there anyway to find out whether or not Trump belongs to a “secret society.” I’m certain you cannot find a membership list of a secret society, it would be an oxymoron.

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