Trump mocked over similarity of ‘Space Force’ logo to Star Trek’s

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US President Donald Trump has been widely mocked for unveiling a “knock off” logo for his much-hyped Space Force.

“After consultation with our Great Military Leaders, designers, and others, I am pleased to present the new logo for the United States Space Force, the Sixth Branch of our Magnificent Military!,” Trump tweeted on Friday. 

Shortly after Trump showed the Internet users the Space Force logo, users started mocking him for the obvious similarity between it and the American  television series, called Star Trek which has been broadcast for more than half a century.

One user wrote that the Space Force logo was an obvious Star Trek knockoff meant to distract the public from the ongoing Senate impeachment trial.of Trump.

Days ago, there were negative reactions after the unveiling of the camouflage uniforms worn by the Space Force personnel. “Why do we need camo in space?” many asked. Meanwhile, the main question asked by most users was what the true mission of the controversial Space Force was to be.

Trump said the US government needed the Space Force to assert its dominance in Earth’s orbit.

He also claimed the US military created the Space Force to end US vulnerabilities in space.

15 thoughts on “Trump mocked over similarity of ‘Space Force’ logo to Star Trek’s

  1. The space force will be used on Earth, as there is no such place as “space”. It will be used to enforce global warming edicts,or perhaps to arrest flat earthers who point out that there is very little difference between NASA and Hollywood. Or Disneyland.

    1. God damn! I guess if people would just admit that the f-king earth is flat, in spite of the fact that the son of a bitch is round, we’d have all our rights back, all of our property back, and life would be bliss.
      Why do you think there is a crescent moon? Is it just an object of the firmament to be used to confuse us?
      Take your ignorant flat earth bullshit and go play in your f-king sand box. We’ve got real f-king problems. All this goofy flat earth bullshit is for is to put the intelligence of the people on any site that would carry it in question. Now get gone.

      1. Honestly Henry I do not know why or how ANYONE can believe the Earth is flat! If the earth was flat, then (mathematically speaking, since parallel lines never meet) so would the sun by flat, the other planets be flat, the rest of outer space would also be flat and that would mean space colliding with space…and then we have “flat” black holes…and then how would pulsars pulse?

        1. And DL takes it further. Thanks, DL.

          Got me thinking of a new term to describe a non-ordinary group: “Trencher Mind,”: Those who entertain it have put so much time into digging for truth that their mind-set has shifted into an unprecedented level of curiosity. And someone once said:


          I am trying to think of a new term for the “Flat Earth” camp. Any suggestions welcome. And poor things, likely they’ll be very alarmed when they find out the earth is actually a square. (wink)



    1. Ha! It’s got a good beat, and you can dance to it.

      Flip side: Trump raps World War Three, featuring Bibi Netanyahu on clarinet with an all-Chinese orchestra.


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