Trump Nominates ‘Embodiment of the Military-Industrial Complex’ Patrick Shanahan to Lead Pentagon

Common Dreams – by Jake Johnson

In a move critics warned could further deepen the ties between the sprawling and immensely profitable private weapons industry and the U.S. government, the White House announced Thursday that President Donald Trump will nominate former Boeing executive Patrick Shanahan to head the Pentagon.

Shanahan has been serving as acting secretary of defense since the departure of former Pentagon chief Jim Mattis in January. 

“When Patrick Shanahan was selected by Trump for a Pentagon post,” The Nation‘s John Nichols tweetedThursday in response to Shanahan’s nomination, “the Seattle Times wrote: ‘Shanahan, 54, has no military or political experience. He is, however, familiar with defense procurement from the business side.’ Very, very familiar.”

In a column last year, Nichols described Shanahan—who worked at Boeing for 31 years before becoming Trump’s deputy defense secretary—as “the embodiment of the military-industrial complex.”

“His main claim to fame in the deputy post was his ardent advocacy for Trump’s ‘space force’ scheme,” Nichols wrote. “So what experience does Shanahan have? He is, literally and figuratively, the embodiment of the military-industrial complex about which former President Dwight Eisenhower warned Americans at the close of his presidency in 1961.”

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3 thoughts on “Trump Nominates ‘Embodiment of the Military-Industrial Complex’ Patrick Shanahan to Lead Pentagon

  1. The Pentagon is a commercial enterprise headquarters, nothing more than an extension of the Joonited Nations corporation.

    It makes sure that Israeli jets manufactured with American National money have the correct decals on the side of the planes. Cant have United States emblems on the side of those 100 million dollar jets.

  2. What the hell, Does this asshole have to employ EVERY Council on Foreign Relations member? The list is getting longer and longer as Drumpf’s term continues on course. Draining the swamp my Arse. Just Remember Tulsi Gabbard is also a CFR member in good standing.

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