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Trump: “Why are we having all these people from shithole countries come here?”

I despise Donald Trump and his hair, but when he said, “Why are we having all these people from shithole countries come here?”, he spoke a fact and I’ll tell you why.

I look east, I look west, I look north, I look south, and I see with my own eyes my country being invaded by foreign nationals from ‘shithole countries’.    

The American nationals as sovereigns have never authorized any government to transfer the ownership of our country over to any foreign national.  When we make this assertion as right, we are told by this occupation that we cannot refuse these people because they are from ‘shithole countries’.  In fact their countries are such shitholes, for us to refuse them entry and send them back to these shitholes, according to them would be an inhuman act.

Shithole countries, period, and they are here to make the United States another shithole country.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

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22 Responses to Trump: “Why are we having all these people from shithole countries come here?”

  1. Mark Schumacher in LV says:

    If Trump would say that right now, he would be keel hauled. You can bet his maids are from shit hole countries, but his barber? Well, that’s a whole different enchilada.

    Glad to see you pounding one out brother, miss your stuff.

  2. Katie says:

    “You can bet his maids are from shit hole countries, but his barber? Well, that’s a whole different enchilada.”

    Mark, thanks for the laugh, I needed it. 🙂

  3. # 1 NWO Hatr says:

    Tomorrow he’ll be apologizing to those shithole countries, and then proceed to sell them more arms.

  4. JGO says:

    Foreign nationals meaning all the Israeli Zionist Jews in Washington..

    • StBernardnot says:

      Then there are the politicians with dual citizenship. Treasonous bastards all.

      • Clive Jackson says:

        They (the dual Israeli-US citizens) are all Democrats except for 1 Republican and 1 Liberterian.

        • Martist says:

          And the republicans are all shabbat goy who support the same end result, the support of is-real-hell. The letter in front of their name doesn’t mean jack-squat. They ALL serve the same master, and it ain’t US, which makes them ALL traitors!

  5. Jolly Roger says:

    That pretty much sums it up. They’re here on a crime spree, and they’re bringing the shithole of their birth with them.

  6. galen says:

    Thanks, Henry!!

    They have been using Europe as testing ground for what they’re doing here. London’s INDIAN mayor doing this:


    And an Iranian in Sweeden:


    Oh course one could go on and on about the demise of Europe with IMMIGRATION RUN WILD. Better Put: FORCED INVASION. And here, our universities are already gone. Now every other faction will run over American Nationals.

    What a crazy day. Think I need some Bill Cooper. I don’t know if he was flawless, but he, like Henry, certainly sounded the alarm. If you care to partake… just toss what you don’t like:






  7. Hal Apeeno (FEMA Region 8) says:

    Thank you.

  8. avgjoe says:

    what we need to do is make everyone “citizens of the world”!


  9. Martist says:

    Sweet, succinct, the undeniable truth and to the point, Henry. But nothing less has ever come from you.

  10. Peter says:

    Nothing like carrying food / water on the head…. walking along side livestock in the mud and open sewers back to a make shift hut made of straw dried mud and metallic junk with no utilities. God help us from their diseases, backward cultures and superstitions. Decades of UNICEF and other charities to keep these indigent illiterates away from entering…running bureaucracies and government….bearing lots of children raised on welfare have not worked. $21 Trillion National debt…..no more God please. Peter Sutherland died 5 days ago. Louise Arbour now runs the U.N. Migration tyranny around the globe.

  11. Martist says:

    Thank you, Katie:-) And what’s with the partisan, bootlicking faggot trolls tonight? Useless idiots.

  12. flee says:

    I’m insulted. …

    To call this cuntree a shthole.

    How dare you….

    In fact how double dare you.

    In fact there is a new category on the Jeopardy game t.v. show.

    It’s called “World Shtholes”.

    Yes Don. ..I’d like to select world shtholes for two thousand.

    For. ..2k…

    It was a country founded on faith..liberty and justice and hard work.


    What would be America. ..?

    [D d d..beep]

    Sorry…incorrect answer.

    The correct answer would be Taiwan. ..

    John… select. .. the next.category. ..

    Yes… Don… I’d like to select the category. ..

    “Eat a bag of dks”…for 100.


    Name a Commie that was fired by President Trump.

    Du dd beep…

    Sorry…time ran out.

    The correct answer would be ..
    Jeff Sessions.

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