Trump Praises Canadian ‘Freedom Convoy’ Protesting Trudeau’s Vaccine Mandates

Breitbart – by Jordan Dixon-Hamilton

Former President Donald Trump on Saturday praised the “freedom convoy” of Canadian truckers protesting against Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s coronavirus health mandates.

Trump said the truckers were doing more to defend freedom than some of America’s elected officials. “The Canadian truckers, you’ve been reading about it, who are resisting bravely these lawless mandates are doing more to defend American freedom than our own leaders by far,” he said, speaking to a crowd in Conroe, Texas.

He made clear that he supports the convoy’s movement, saying, “and we want those great Canadian truckers to know that we are with them all the way.”

The convoy of truckers has been traveling through Canada in recent days, making their way to the country’s capital city, Ottawa, on Saturday. As the convoy of thousands of truckers hit Ottawa on Saturday, Trudeau and his family fled their home, citing “safety concerns.”

Trudeau attacked the protesters, calling them a “small fringe minority of people,” who “do not represent the views of Canadians.”

Trump also called on governments to move past pandemic-era health mandates at his Saturday night rally.

10 thoughts on “Trump Praises Canadian ‘Freedom Convoy’ Protesting Trudeau’s Vaccine Mandates

    1. Me either, Deon. These people put their very lives survival in the hands of a slick BS er, and they don’t care about the supreme law either.

  1. The media was told to hate this guy, now they are going to put him back in office and the people will eat it up>

  2. I have a feeling we might see a convoy here in the US soon
    rumblings on the web , from California to DC
    as for Trump..who GAF what he thinks or says , were not going to need him , this is up to us

    1. Yep, Frump, the truckers are doing more to defend American freedom than “leaders” like you for sure…now go back to the golf course! We the People do NOT need you!

      And EoS is correct, and Deon….honestly I can’t believe there are still plenty of Trump-tards out in my neck of the woods. It’s as if they completely forgot about Trump instituting Operation Warp Speed, his fealty to another country (Israel…but heck, most of these folks are Christian Zionists, soooo…..), etc.

  3. They don’t know what to do with this guy. They throw him out there to test the waters and feed that faction that still thinks he’ll “Make America Great Again.” He used to be overly obnoxious, now he’s just pathetic. Maybe he’ll move to Israel. Plus they don’t know who they’ll run for Faker in Chief. DeSantis? Cruz? Beto? Kamala? Buttigieg? Frikkin’ Tulsi Gabbard? The circus will always need clowns.


  4. Here are some pieces of the puzzle I have picked up so far.

    We know the convoy begun by James and Diane Bauder last fall, from Alberta, which went ahead without the BC truckers, who missed the deadline for departure, was hijacked by the free masons. Canada Unity was the name of that convoy. They went to Ottawa with only a hand full of trucks, delivered a Memo of Understanding to the Senate, JT and a few others. They came home. They seem to be in the background now, but the M.O.U. document is still being signed online by Canadians, to “restore the law to Ottawa.”

    The Masons pulled together on Jan. 22, 2022 (Masonic number) with the convoy they call the Freedom Convoy hijacking the Canada Unity idea, with their own campaign for Canadian unity! The Freedom Convoy has a 666 logo attached to it. The British Columbia truckers and all others from out west drove across the country, only to be blocked from the Ottawa group at Parliament Hill, outside of town. Huge numbers parked, hidden from sight.
    I learned through a livestream from the Hill from one of the Indigenous Clan Mothers who spoke on stage, with the woman who led the Freedom Convoy, that the Government of Canada operates under a number assigned to it by the US Corporation! What will they do with that?

    The political direction is already being set up with the Trumptards and followers of American Florida governor, Ron Desantis. A guy came out in another live stream by Laura Lynn Thomson, that his name is also Ron Desantis, and he is thinking about running for Mayor of Ottawa! Nothing from anyone about the American Bill of Rights.

    The last man alive, who wrote the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, 1982, Brian Peckford, speaks in terms of restoring our “democracy.” The queen will be kicking the bucket in the near future, the old guard will change, and as long as the people are clueless about the absolute, supreme, superior law of 1791, the American Bill of Rights, we will continue having only the illusion of freedom as the Windsors morph into something else, the “democracy,” under the US Corporation remains, and in subsequent elections, it will continue bleeding us dry, plundering our resources and “eating out our substance.”

    I paid close attention to what you said in your broadcast yesterday. I have a feeling you are right. How Canada will be used by the US Corporation will set the stage. Our laws and politics are closely tied together. Although we have the Canadian Bill of Rights, 1960 and the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, 1982, we don’t quite have what you have. Yours is the American Bill of Rights. Canadians and Americans still need to learn it and like you always say, enforce it!

    1. No offense, but what illusion of freedom?
      You will either put your liberty before your life and you will have it, or you won’t and you don’t.

      1. Exactly. There’s no other alternative. I should have said they, not we, because we already know who we are as free individuals under the law of We, the People, Dec. 15, 1791. Putting liberty above life sets us apart from the corporate compliant, who are already dead.

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