Trump proposes ‘Space Force’ to protect final frontier

Washington Times

The Space Cadets want you!

President Trump said Tuesday that he was considering the creation of a “space force” to extend U.S. military power into the final frontier.

“Think of it, a Space Force,” Mr. Trump told troops at Marine Corps Air Station Miramar in San Diego.  

He said the U.S. was developing new rockets to send craft into space and that people would soon be on Mars, a future that he said would not have been possible if his Democratic opponent had won in 2016.

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12 thoughts on “Trump proposes ‘Space Force’ to protect final frontier

  1. “Think of it, a Space Force,” Mr. Trump told troops…”

    How apropos, coming from someone who’s already a Space Cadet.

    Where’s the exit from this insane asylum.

  2. How about restore the ” Bill of Rights” force you idiot, is this the best you can do while sitting behind that desk of yours?

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    Now Recruiting Entry Level Space Force Cadets.

    Must be a team player.
    Self Starter , highly motivated and work well with others as well as an individual.

    Must demonstrate developed skills such as interoffice back stabbing.

    Predatory sexual misconduct.


    Killing bugs like in the movie Starship Trooper.

    We offer a generous benefits package.
    Which includes no dental and eyecare coverage.

    If you think you have the skills and experience that apply.

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  4. Just a distraction for something bigger not sure what that may be.

    What a moron trumpet is, zionist $hill..
    As led zeppelin said ” your time is going to come” and traitors will hang, white, black, yellow, red, rich or poor!

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