Trump Pushes DACA Amnesty; DHS to Let in An Additional 35,000 H-2B Workers

Information Liberation – by Chris Menahan

We “desperately” need more immigrants, folks!

From the Center for Immigration Studies:

The government is going to let in 35,000 more H-2B workers than the usual ceiling of 33,000 for the second half of the fiscal year, the Department of Homeland Security announced on March 5. This is one of the smaller foreign worker programs and is for unskilled, non-agricultural workers; it will be more than double in size for this time period.

Last year at this time DHS announced it would let employers hire an additional 30,000 for the last half of the fiscal year, so today’s announcement marks an increase on prior increases in the program.

In contrast, there is no ceiling on the H-2A (farmworker) program and it has grown rapidly in recent years; there is a continuing 85,000 ceiling on new slots in the H-1B program, but there is no limit on the number of three-year visa extensions. Thus, both programs are increasing in size, but within differing control mechanisms.

While any increase in any of the foreign-worker programs is bad news, there is an interesting new development in this one — a set-aside of 10,000 slots that can only be used to hire H-2B workers from the three nations sending us so many illegal aliens, the Northern Triangle states of Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador. According to DHS, this is a use-or-lose proposition; if U.S. employers do not arrange for the hiring of the 10,000 from the three nations, the slots will not be transferred to workers from other places.

The hope is that the slots will be used, and that this will ease, if only slightly, the pressures on our southern border. We at CIS suggested that people from the Northern Triangle should be given priority over those from other nations in the H-2A and H-2B programs, but that this should happen without increasing the overall flow of nonimmigrant workers.

In addition to these 10,000, the other 25,000 additional H-2B workers slots are to be given only to returning former H-2B workers; the thought here is that this is a population that has proved, at least once, that it can be admitted for temporary work in the States, and then return to the homeland after the tour of duty is finished.

Why not impose this provision on all incoming migrants in the H-2A and H-2B program? This would decrease the size of the programs slowly over time without any one-on-one enforcement actions, while at the same time lifting wages.

In related news, Trump is shilling for DACA amnesty once again:

DACA + Mike Lee’s green card giveaway = total sellout of the GOP base.

Information Liberation

5 thoughts on “Trump Pushes DACA Amnesty; DHS to Let in An Additional 35,000 H-2B Workers

  1. Look at all them friggin’ bobble heads!

    F&$kers overpopulated their own country and now they are trying to do the same with ours. Half of Mckinney, Frisco, Plano and Allen, TX have neighborhoods literally filled with only Indians. It’s disgusting!

    And then they bitch and play the race card if they don’t get what they want.

    We have so many Indian movies at our Plano, TX theater now that locals are calling it the foreign movie theater. The corporate office thinks we have to encourage their business instead of discouraging their business. However, the jokes on corporate because the bobble heads never buy anything to eat and always ask for a discount or refund AFTER seeing the movie and even AFTER we close off the lobby for the night and constantly argue with you and make a scene with the dumbest excuses until they get a free movie pass.

    They think they can get everything for free after negotiating. Most of them are a bunch of scammers and the bastard politicians want to bring more of them in. WTF??!!!

  2. I remember when THIS HIRE A FOREIGNOR got started in america,ANY ONE could applie for the JOB,BUT they shut down the uneployment offices and said WE’ll call if anything comes in,guess what,IF YOU were white male,there wouldn’t be any calls coming for you,NOW america will get what they really wanted..A RACE WAR,AND IT’LL BE A BLOODBATH….and there won’t be many survivors…

    1. It wasn’t just the white American nationals, it was all American nationals. And it will only be a race war if someone is stupid enough to fall for it as such.
      All we American nationals have to do is get on the same page, which has the ten Articles of the ratified Bill of Rights on it and enforce the f-king law, without regard to skin pigmentation, just the f-king law, of which this amnesty bullshit is a direct violation of.
      If we fight as a people instead of a color there will be plenty of survivors, but again we’ve got to put all this other bullshit aside and try this Enforce the Law idea. Come on, let’s do it, just once. Then once we’ve taken out the trash and there is a plenty available for all on a level playing field, we can see if we really have anything against one another for any other reason than the f-king rich of all pigments of skin turning one section of the poor against the other.
      These invaders are not our f-king people and we are derelict in our duty to our law in not shutting this shit down.

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