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Trump – Putin’s Puppet – Putin’s Iron Grip On A United States President

I’ve been talking about this for over a year, time to drive it home once again. Putin has Trump by the neck, anybody body who can’t see it is either blind, deaf, or just a plain ignoramus. Trump is scared to death in naming Putin as an accomplice in the rigging of Trumps presidential election. We all know Hillary never had a chance in hell in becoming America’s first female president, Putin made goddamn sure of it, and Trump knows it.  

This isn’t the only reason Trump is cowering, the other reasons is money and lots of it. You see, Trump is a professional con man; he lives of borrowed money, billions of dollars of paper that he has borrowed from banks around the world. And therein lies the problem, they loaned this money out and want it back, Trump doesn’t have the cash flow, he puts on a sweet act, but the stacks of cash just isn’t there.

Enter Putin stage left.

The man with the solution, the cash free ranger who grazes cash from hundreds of questionable sources. Some of this cash is somehow tied to Trump, big time. No other president in the history of the United States has spread his ass cheeks to the tune of a communist leader as Trump is currently doing with Putin.

You can bet that through the hundreds of loop holes available to corrupt leaders such as the Trump, Putin relationship, this mammon has enabled Putin to basically run America as he sees fit. Putin, incredibly enough, is probably taking orders himself from the Bolshevik overlords, but a primary go between for the stacks of cash feeding Trumps money problems.

Trump plays a good game, but he isn’t fooling anybody, at least not me, and countless others around the world. The Trump BS is going to be laid out like a dead corpse for all the world to see, just a matter of time.

The Trump Empire simply doesn’t generate enough cash, simple as that. Nobody likes the guy, a really problem when your cash flow depends on being liked and respected.

Every day, new cracks develop in the dam; water is starting to erode the infrastructure.

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8 Responses to Trump – Putin’s Puppet – Putin’s Iron Grip On A United States President

  1. Bob M says:

    Good article you wrote, and it’s a sore topic that needs to be exposed (Putin love by the Right). You were one of the people who made me throw out my Putin doll. Although I admit, I still got the Maria Zakharova poster though! Thanks Mark. Henry too, for dispelling hero worship for commies. We’re Americans and need to get America back, period. Russia and Putin are the wild card the international jew has used to hide behind. With 1M Russians moving to Israel since the breakup of USSR, there is no question of their alliance in sharing and developing high tech the Israelis got from America. In American politics, the indie media has been swamped with limited hangout 70/30 fakeriots. The fake right names like Watson, Southern, etc. are taking over by pushing Muslim hate, calling the Muslim the disease, when it’s the symptom. While completely ignoring or deflecting from the Jewish Question which is the real cause of the disease. While RT (whose comment section host is an Israeli company), Corbett, Global Research and many other left leaning sources almost say straight out- down with the west/ yay to a Communist alliance. Shanghai Coop Agreement and OBOR all result in Israel benefitting, not America. Many speculate the new alliance is/has been jewish controlled Sino-Russia, with Israel and international bankers making the shift away America as the global power and defender of Israel. This country is being color revolutionized by the intl. communist jews’ domestic cultural Marxist sexual liberation movement- pitted against their Trotsky based alt right, who call for sharia law against women, MGTOW, women hatred, and support people like Richard Spencer, who espouses Stalin. Yuri Bezmenov detailed this KGB method of cultural demoralization they’re using against America. Say Russia and Putin and Trump? Might as well say jewish communism disguised behind the Kabbalistic inversion IMO. I don’t think Trump will be touched. He’s as guilty as Bill Clinton on Epstein’s lolita express. I’m really concerned Trump and Netanyahu are really pushing for a big move in Israel/ Palestine/ Greater Israel with the crazy Messianic Chabad end timers bringing in their NWO. We’e all going to be Chinese soon, the inland ports ready, for Dave Hodges’ Chinks and Russkies to deploy from. The JWO’s fellow commie boys. To control the left right civil war they start here. It isn’t over yet. JQJQJQJQ….

  2. John says:

    Hillary did have a chance in hell….against Jeb. I watched those two getting fluff pieces in the main news in 2014 while I was recovering from a broken leg.
    The republican overlords held a secret meeting to discuss this. One said “Anyone but Jeb!” Another said “Hell even Donald Duck could beat Hillary but not Jeb!” A vote was held and the overlords decided unanimously on Donald Duck.
    When the message was sent from the overlords to the republican leadership the spellchecker changed the name “Duck” to “Dump” and “Dump” to “Trump” The rest is history.

  3. Jolly Roger says:

    All illusion. Putin and Trump are two puppets whose strings are pulled by the same bankers, but they have to appear to be at odds with each other because they’re soon to be “enemies” in WW3.

    You’re being manipulated into following a scripted drama.

    • JoeSTP says:

      Amen, brother…

    • Mark Schumacher in LV says:

      Yep, and I love writing about it. Spelling errors and all. I do it to piss off the sheeple, many read this site. Especially the ones living in the Trump tower.

      It makes me feel good.

  4. TESS says:

    I don’t know how you all could want Killary in, she is as crooked as a wrecked car cuz she is a train wreck. She kills people, does Spirit Cooking w Podesta and half of Hellywood and the rest of the Politicians. Have you done your research? You don’t think she would have stopped the Millions of ilegal voters now voting? They are all evil puppets since the beginning of the country. Built on Freemasonry, blah bla. Be careful what you wish for you won’t like it ask my friend from Romania who knows about Socialism and Communism she was raised under Communism and sees Socialism as just a back door. Trump is no different he changed some important things but give him credit when due. I am no Trumpette i am a nobodyette.

    • Mark Schumacher in LV says:

      Who the hell wants THAT BITCH IN? If you think anybody on this site likes the bitch, your sorely mistaken. I dont know how you could possibly deduce or interpret me wanting that bitch in for anything, shes a murdering, thief who belongs in hell.

    • Martist says:

      That’s how a “con” is carried out. Confidence is gained by small displays of truth or honesty to gain the marks’ trust to gain their “confidence”. None of the crumbs dusted off their table have been anywhere close to what we are supposed to have and the main course is STILL our Bill of Rights. It was even stated aloud by the kosher chief. Either one will get US the same result so its face doesn’t matter at all.

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