8 thoughts on “TRUMP says there’ll be 500 Million Vaccines and he’s sending them in with the military

  1. His “great military” is gonna have their logistical lives flash before their eyes trying to serve their ‘great masters’.

  2. Wow, his speaking was very nervous and spotty. Well we know you are a Kike puppet anyways, however you fkn POS Traitor, As soon as you scum go for the big push of mandating vaccines, regardless of how you go about it. This shit gets real, for all of you…!

    You should remember, not only your traitorous military understands logistics, logistics are utilized in counter operations as well.

    You maggots must really want a war that you can’t possibly win. You know it seems like this Traitor Prez, seems to know that something big is about to come down, there is a sensing of this and he is afraid too….

    Well, don’t we certainly live in interesting times…!

    oh how fun, that’s a bingo..! No, you just say “Bingo”… (from inglorious bastards).

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