Trump Signs Amnesty Budget Bill For Millions Of Illegals Encourages Millions More To Flood Into The US And Is Caught Bald-Faced Lying About Caravans That He Let In – by William Gheen, ALIPAC

President Trump lied to the nation today by  falsely claiming his administration stopped multiple illegal alien caravans,  when in truth, he let them into the USA. Speaking for 40 minutes, he never mentioning he just signed the dastardly and secretive budget bill which incentivizes illegal immigration and child trafficking.

Trump just signed into a law a bill that 99% of Americans know nothing about which contains Amnesty for millions of illegals, incentives for child trafficking, an expansion of Trump’s deadly catch and release policies, less detention space for illegals, reductions of interior immigration law enforcement, new buildings and buses to bring more illegals into the US, raising of legal immigration levels, a measly 1.3 billion for border fences, and severe restrictions on where border barriers can be built.   

The vast majority of Trump’s voters oppose the measures the immigration policies he just secretively signed into law. 

Trump  lied without challenge from the media when he claimed they were stopping caravan illegals from entering  America , when in truth Trump is letting the caravans in, which inspires more larger caravans to form. ( View documentation 1 ) .. ( View Documentation 2 )

No member of the White House press corps bothered to ask Trump about the budget bill or even if he had signed it.

Trump wore a Democrat blue tie and paraded Angel Families who have lost loved ones to illegal immigration crimes after signing a bill that will increase both illegal immigration and the number of Americans killed by illegals.

Trump obfuscated and talked about trade agreements, law enforcement, the border, and his plan to declare a state of emergency for  more than 40 minutes (View Video ), but never admitted to the national audience that he signed the budget bill that a majority of his supporters despise.

“I know without a doubt that President Trump is a liar, he is deceptive, and intentionally manipulating his supporters to lead them to their own doom through Amnesty for millions of illegal aliens. Trump is a Judas Goat!” said  William Gheen , President of ALIPAC. “It is clear to me that Trump is not the man he campaigns to be and he is complicit in passing a major policy bill in a disgusting way that prevented 99% of Americans from learning what is in the bill until after he made it a law, just like Obamacare. In truth, Trump shares Obama’s tactics and immigration positions. The American patriots who see through Trump’s lies and those who are upset by his signature on the Amnesty budget bill today are the Americans we want to represent and give voice to at ALIPAC.”

ALIPAC is launching a new effort to reach out to Angel Moms and provide them with information proving that Trump lies and is using the families of victims of illegal aliens to promote a globalist and open-borders agenda while pretending to be a nationalist.

Trump successfully used the Angel Families to convey that he has their support on his actions today, which includes the budget bill filled with Amnesty and benefits for the very illegal aliens that slaughtered their loved ones.

Perhaps Trump’s past experience as an actor in professional wrestling matches prepared him for the grand deception he is pulling on tens of millions of American who deeply oppose illegal immigration and Amnesty.

It is truly ironic that Americans elected Trump because he claimed he opposed open borders and Amnesty for illegal aliens. Trump lied when he promised all illegals including DACA Amnesty recipients had to go home.

ALIPAC is now tracking  11 broken campaign promises by Trump on immigration issues. (View List )

Many Trump voters are deeply upset by President Trump’s conduct in this matter, and those are the Americans ALIPAC seeks to represent.

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5 thoughts on “Trump Signs Amnesty Budget Bill For Millions Of Illegals Encourages Millions More To Flood Into The US And Is Caught Bald-Faced Lying About Caravans That He Let In

  1. Well dang it he has to have some way to bring in MS-13 (assuming us useless eater goyim get too uppity BDS-ing the SoS, actually standing up for Christ-not-religion-or-Israel, or actually do become seriously “anti-semitic”) to “machete” us all…love the gallows vid….I mean is he going for the “Greatest Shabbos Goy Ever” award or what?

  2. Can anyone report this issue with any information as to specifics about the bill? every article I find yapping about how bad it is well ok fine but not one points out any language in the bill at all to back up this claim. FFS if its so bad and you don’t really know any specifics at least post the damn bill up which is pretty lame but at least do that.

    1. Yes, Trumptard, he did it in the February Omnibus Spending Bill and it is not our job here to do the research for you. You obviously know how to type on a computer.
      This happens every time we put an article up showing Trump the international communist for what he is, and he is an international communist as he holds five trademarks in communist China and only communists can hold trademarks in China. There is also the plethora of lies that he has told, not to mention when he brags of his apprehensions at our southern border, he fails to note that there has not been one deportation, not even of the so called bad dudes.
      The best you Trumptards can do any more is come on here and think you are going to task us. Well you are not going to. This is the last comment of this ilk that is going to be let through.
      Now go back to sucking Netanyahu’s ass through Trump’s ass and stay in your retarded world until the reckoning comes for all the Trumptard traitors that went along with this shit.

    2. Let me guess, your making 200,000 grand a year and you work for the US communist government right? Or your retired with a 50,000 a year government pension, both you and your spouse right? Scared too death to rock the boat because you dont want to loose any of that mammon right?

      Why did you even come to this site with a comment? Just to prove to yourself that your a good little commie and will fight for what is right and what is wrong? Is giving the IRS your money for a $25,000 a year interest free loan right? While they take your oil, trees and gold from your ground and sell it so a US president can fly around in a 747, groping women and fondling them as he and his lieutenants please, while living off your money while you slave too death?

      Tell me Vicki, how tent cities bursting at the seams, living in filth, disease with no running water is a good thing, while Vicki pays 1000.00 for a smart phone that tracks your every move, taking your freedoms and flushing them down the toilet.

      Tell me Vicki, how is it that when I become sick with cancer, clogged up intestines, can no longer walk like a real man, comes up broke because nobody gives a damn, only to take care of the federal communist workers and illegal invading immigrants giving them everything cart blanche, while I go hungry, giving them free housing and transportation while I’m an inch away from a park bench and a newspaper for a blanket. even though I risk my life everyday so idiot communists like yourself can enjoy a good meal, a warm blanket and a nice automobile, cozy under a nice big house roof!

      Yes Vicki, we here owe you everything, even a couple of computer strokes so you dont have to look something up from the communist manifisto.

      Vicki, you make me sick..

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