Trump signs bipartisan opioid bill aimed at curbing national crisis

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President Trump signed a sweeping bipartisan bill into law on Wednesday aimed at making medical treatment for opioid addiction more widely available while also cracking down on illicit drugs being sent through the mail.

The bill, which was passed by Congress earlier this month, will expand access to substance abuse treatment in Medicaid. The Senate voted 98-1 on the measure following the House’s 393-8 approval.   

More than 70,000 Americans died of drug overdoses last year, marking a 10 percent increase from 2016. Of those deaths, 48,000 involved opioids. While Secretary of Health and Human Services Alex Azar said on Tuesday that the numbers were leveling off, he cautioned that the nation remains “so far from the end of the epidemic, but we are perhaps, at the beginning of the end.”

Azar suggested multipronged efforts, including an increase in medication-assisted treatment and broader access to naloxone are paying off, noting that toward the end of last year and through the beginning of this year, the number of deaths “has begun to plateau.”

Before Trump signed the bill, he also addressed the several suspicious packages and devices that had been sent to several current and former high-ranking government officials earlier on Wednesday. While vowing that the safety of Americans is his “highest and absolute priority,” he pledged a thorough investigation and said the administration would “spare no resources or expense in this effort.”

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  2. Pure speculation on my part.
    Pat Tillman was killed because he was going to “blow the whistle” on the US military being used to guard, support and defend the importation of opium/heroin to the US and other Western white nations.
    An incredibly disgusting and duplicitous way to get a bridge named after him.
    A hero in my mind. He wasn’t awake, but he learned and was going to expose the evil.
    Heroin to fund the swamp Deep State creatures who are trying to kill 6+ billion of us…while blaming it on us.
    I readily admit I could be wrong.
    My gut tells me otherwise.
    I know a lot about these medications.
    Fentanyl…dangerous as f**k. Patches, sprays, lollipops, etc. Very potent, short acting and addictive. Easy to OD.
    Heroin…dangerous as f**k. Because a person has no idea what dosage they are buying off the street. Easy to OD.
    Oxycodone…potent and medium acting but not horribly dangerous. Safe if not combined with other sedative/hypnotics or alcohol.
    OxyContin….potent, variable time release drug causing the extreme risk of dosing before the previous dose has worn off. Dangerous! Easy to OD.
    Hydrocodone…medium potency. Very effective. Low risk of inadvertent overdose.
    All of the above are additive and synergistic with other sedative/hypnotics including alcohol.

    My suggestion. Arrest and put on trial, on treason charges, all who have supported this drug importation into the US since the late 1960s. Especially since the early 1980s to present.
    Read “Dark Alliance”. The author, Gary Webb, paid for the information in that book with his life.
    Follow that up with “Confessions of an Economic Hitman”.
    Is their arrest going to happen?
    My gut tells me NO.

    My opinion. Time released formulations are a scam to create a “new” drug formulation to start over the “patent clock”. And they are much less effective and more dangerous. This includes OTC drugs and prescription drugs.

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