Trump sparks online firestorm with anti-Clinton tweet featuring Star of David

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Presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump drew widespread rebuke on Saturday with a tweet featuring a Star of David while accusing rival Hillary Clinton of corruption.

The star, a symbol of Judaism, was on a backdrop of $100 bills and paired with a Fox News poll in which a majority of respondents described Clinton as corrupt. Next to Clinton’s face was a red Star of David bearing the words “Most Corrupt Candidate Ever!”  

Later in the morning, Trump posted a version of the tweet with a circle instead of the Star of David. He then deleted the original tweet.

The origins of the first post are unclear, but the attack’s apparent anti-Semitic imagery prompted backlash on Twitter. (Trump’s daughter, Ivanka, has converted to Judaism.)

Josh Schwerin, a Clinton campaign spokesman, was among those who highlighted Trump’s tweet:

But he was far from alone:

Trump has come under fire in the past for retweeting racially charged — and factually inaccurate — propaganda and for counting known extremists, like former Ku Klux Klan Grand Wizard David Duke, among his supporters.

In an apparent response to the image Trump shared Saturday, Hillary Clinton’s camp tweeted a link to a who’s who of Trump’s extremist supporters on his website with the message, “The company you keep says a lot about you (maybe no one ever told Donald Trump).”

9 thoughts on “Trump sparks online firestorm with anti-Clinton tweet featuring Star of David


    1. You took the words right out of my mouth, KOYOTE — “the pot calling the kettle black”.

      This is a game the Jews play. Hillary is Jewish, and said herself that she grew up in a home with her grandmother speaking Yiddish, but she made some anti-Semitic remarks when running for her NY Senate seat, just to lock in the anti-Semite vote.

      The rest of the Jews know it’s only a device to fool the goyim, and if there’s ever a movement to expel the Jews from this country, that will be lead by Jews, too.

    1. Acts 7:43 calls it the “star of Remphan” where Remphan is one of the Pharisees’ false gods. Strong’s Concordance notes Remphan likely means the false god Baal in Hebrew, and an idol in Greek. Basically it means the star on Israel’s flag stands for a false god or idol—and we are supposed to bless Israel??? Folks I don’t need to “curse” Israel–they curse themselves every second of every day!

  2. Who’s who of extremist endorsers?

    Bahahahaha! Says the most violent extremist endorser of them all, Hitlery BARF Clinton.


  3. And I’m sure the Trump supporters are tweeting a list of “extremist endorsers” of Hitlery’s campaign right back at her as we speak.

    The ridiculousness of it all.

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