Trump The Shabbos Goy – No Warrant Searches – Gun Confiscation – Border Invasion

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Published on Apr 8, 2018

For 2 years now I have been saying that Trump would be the NWO closer. The continuation of Obama as Obama was the continuation of BOY GEORGE BUSH .. As the Destruction of America continues .. will We the People make our stand in time?

14 thoughts on “Trump The Shabbos Goy – No Warrant Searches – Gun Confiscation – Border Invasion

    1. Katie, I know just a little of him, but an trying to put some pieces together. His first name is Eddy. Don’t know last name. He calls his show Wardo Rants. The couple of times I’ve heard him he was covering current events and seemed to be calling a spade a spade. He was on a National Socialist network but he broke from there and now I wonder if it was because he wasn’t a National Socialist.

      I’m thinking there may be some waking up there with the National Socialists. They are, in earnest trying to preserve the nation and do much to expose ZOG (Zionist Occupied Government); they are pro-gun, and anti-libs. I know there is racism and supremacy under that umbrella, but not all are that way. Some assert that every race has the right to take pride in its heritage and there’s no desire to lord over anyone. They seem to be growing and learning, too.

      That Eddy would find Henry is a big deal. He could reach a lot of National Socialists and show them where their ism is dangerous and has repeatedly fallen prey to dictatorship. Could show them what a true Republic is, and The Bill of Rights, and The Common Law. I find this to be quite positive. Seems all intelligent minds will eventually wind up at The Trench, where, as Henry puts it, “Every man is his own king.”


      1. galen, thanks for the insightful response. I went to Wardo’s youtube and checked out the comments and think that if Henry has time it would be beneficial for him and others to respond to the comments. It has 362 views, so that’s possibly 362 new listeners being educated from the broadcast.

        1. I did leave a comment, but evidently you have to click on the comment that the comment was replied to before you can see it.
          I’ll not waste any more of my time there.
          Fascism is a running violation of the Bill of Rights.
          Like you said just a while ago, Katie, all you have to do is read the Bill of Rights to know better. I don’t understand these people, but being truly free is not what they are advocating for.

          1. Henry, here is Wardos response to you.

            “Henry .. I live here in Roseburg Oregon .. “Liberty Williams” said I should come and check you out .. he said we sound quite alike .. honestly this was the first broadcast I listened to and so far we seem to be on the same page. .. I thought there weren’t any .. especially in our Liberal state.”

        2. Thanks, Katie. Some good points in there, and a few questionable. It’s from 2 yrs ago so I don’t know where he may have shifted. I’m not sure which comments you were suggesting we read. Link?


  1. This guy sounds a lot like Henry for sure, you should look this man up Henry. maybe even have him on the broadcast.

    1. Mark, we were on the same page. I disagreed about Putin, as well. And I also looked up the Russian support for “Civil War” too. So they stood with The Union. What I didn’t know is that The Brits were sympathetic with The Confederacy. That all seems like some 3-D chess, but you’re right, we learn something new every day. Then we’re tasked with what’s true and what’s not. And I’m an advocate for bridge-building, up to and until I see it’s a useless cause. There may be opportunity to bring others on-board concerning our inalienable rights.


  2. The only reason anyone would wish for a totalitarian national socialist govt is because they do not want to rule themselves and be burdened with the responsibility of individual liberties. They of course believe that said govt would also rule for them EXACTLY how they see fit, but they would eventually realize they are DEAD wrong. This would NEVER be the case, because any govt with absolute power will be corrupted absolutely, if not right at its inception. They should stick to goosestepping in hugo boss fashion wear in the privacy of their own home, but it’s their right to do so in public. But the second they try to impose any of it on me, they’ll find that ALL the Articles of the Bill of Rights are, and will always be in full effect for me, no matter what any one else says.

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