3 thoughts on “Trump UNMASKED, What does it mean?

    1. Dr. Madej explains the purpose of hydrogel which is the newest way to get nanotechnology into one’s body. It can be done using the band aid platform for one also through a hypodermic needle. (me: and via the swabs used for testing?) Via the smart phone health app you can be monitored. Supposedly the health app can be disabled. The app would hook up to the biosensor (hydrogel) so you are wireless to your smart phone. The smart phone hooks up to the cloud (5G). They need all of us at the same time that’s why they are pushing 5G. (me: is this why the criminals keep saying we can’t return to ‘normal’ until everyone is vaccinated) Sub categories to the app are continually being added.
      The patent that was put out by the Gates Foundation in March 2020 is W02020060606-CYPTOCURRENCY SYSTEM USING BODY ACTIVITY DATA
      Your body, your biometric data now becomes your cryptocurrency, so they would control your money. Mastercard and the Gates Foundation are already testing this out in Africa.
      Dr. Madej goes on to tell about a business meeting she attended 5 or 6 years ago where this technology was discussed. That starts at around the 11 minute mark, quite interesting.

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