Trumps failed his Base: Impending collapse of the Southern Border

Daily Groyper, November 5, 2019 

I used to make 16 grand a week”

I hear this comment made as I’m measuring out counter tops doing a little side work on a Thursday afternoon. “We used to run four man crews; I was paying my guys 18 [dollars an hour] to frame these houses man.” This 50-year-old man, who we will name Bob, was once a contractor with a pretty lucrative income doing residential construction, framing new houses in the South Eastern America area. ”When the illegals hit here, developers stopped calling. I was okay. I had a little put back. It was the fact of letting my guys go.”

I stumbled onto discussing this topic with Bob through the usual ‘water cooler’, dry, small talk about the news and Trump that people tend to float out with strangers or new acquaintances. I was quickly drawn into this specific part of the conversation because the details were part of a consistent topic of cable news shows and a key talking point for politicians on both sides of the isle. This anecdotal encounter would be my brush with the real effects of illegal immigration, so I wanted to pick somebody in an industry affected by the influx of migration’s brain. “So how did they do it?” I asked, “How do the illegals get developers to stop calling?” Bob puts the Marlboro Red he had been trying to light for the past 5 minutes it seemed like to his lips and took a long pull.”Cheap” he said exhaling.”They will take ten men and under cut the price I quote for five.”

The next thing he said made me cringe.”Trumps gon take care of that, if it wasn’t for them democrats blocking him we’d already have a wall.” In February at the state of the union address President Trump said something, that along with 2 years of empty promises was a collective punch to the gut of the populist right and dissident right (and despite his faith Bob).

“I want people to come into our country in the largest numbers ever, but they have to come in legally.”

For people who were expecting a Campaign Donald Trump, and received what is basically Jeb with a good GDP, its been a tough couple of years. For those who were weary of the nepotism involved in hiring Jared Kushner and Ivanka it’s been unsurprising. They are the driving force behind most of the disappointment this admnistration has provided the populist right. You need look no further than Ann Coulters Twitter feed, her constant sarcastic(and kindve hilarious) wall updates capture the dissatisfaction with the GOP and Trump. Tucker Carlson, perhaps the populist rights most influential and important figure has taken the GOP and Trump to task numerous times.

The anger permeates your mainstream MAGA pundit blue checks on twitter who assure you everything is fine. Their mentions are completely obliterated by anonymous avi’s quoting the 3.8 Billion in the past budget set to be paid to Israel every year for the next 10 years. Most recently the movement towards what seems like sure war in Iran is just the latest knife in the back of the new base of the Right. Free Market conservatives preaching about the good of capitalism, and evil of socialism are not the direction the right will take in the coming years. The movement started in 2016 has matured past ‘Owning the Libtards’ and Ben Shapiro Thug life videos.

The political implications of demographic changes, once to taboo for anyone to speak about if you were right of Shaun King, is now openly discussed, mostly because its real world implications have been seen in Texas. Texas has been effectively flipped blue by the constant stream of migrants crossing our Southern border. Bringing in people more than ever before helps nobody, and the his broken promises on ending Birth Right citizenship as well as balking on e verify are all beginning to add up with the broken campaign promises and signal that maybe our president wasn’t truly committed to do what it would take to deliver change at the border. At best he falls back on Obama era policy which at the very least detains migrants and even sends some packing back to their country of origin, at worst he is dumping Illegals into the interior.

Before you say that was 4d chess and he totally owned libtard sanctuary cities, consider how many migrants are actually arrested and deported once they get past the border. Also take into account that the Trump Administration in one fiscal year managed to deport less people than George W Bush did.Democrats in the House are not an excuse, neither is the Neocon Koch controlled Republican Senate. Executive Orders should have been wrote and signed and sent out every day since Kavanaugh was appointed to the Supreme Court (The only real Check and Balance on EO’s). I understand the is a radically left wing House, and a further push from NGO’s and Multinational interests that oppose President Trump, I would simply state that he hasn’t met the challenge.

Now here we sit, with 76,000 this year already who have jumped the border. Populist movements in Europe have now added an interesting new problem. As more and more European Governments move right, and reject the EU’s “woke” immigration policy the clamps on the migration routes from Northern Africa to Europe have pushed migrants to the Southern United State’s border. Border patrol has arrested migrants from Congo, Eritrea, and Somalia so far, who knows where else people will end up coming from as the word continues to spread that we don’t honor our geographic borders. Fun Fact, 2,062 people in the Congo have been reported to have Ebola (reported 31 minutes before I wrote this article). Even if you take away all the cultural and political shifts this rumble before the collapse is causing, you are still left with safety concerns. It is a net zero benefit for all parties involved, as automations tightens its noose around the value of labor, and resources start getting scarce we will need to help keep the playing field even for the worker, and bring back the jobs that multinational monopolies moved from middle America, but when we got them back we weren’t supposed to give them to a replacement population.

The thing I believe will collapse infrastructure we have to currently for defense on our Southern border is the collapse of Venezuela. As the Neo Cons continuously rattle the saber of regime change at Maduro (something else the populist Right vehemently opposes), refugees have begun to flee into other South American countries. If we continue on the same foreign policy course we are taking, this will be yet another flow of people marching towards our border. Even with Trumps proclamation today that he would “arrest and remove millions of people, I feel no comfort. He has made to many threats without any teeth behind them at this point. I only see reelection bread and circus, and this country needs immediate and serious action. Bob is a wholesome guy, a good hearted man who will probably never get his business back. He represents the shrinking minority of Trumps base who still believe in him. Those who receive their news from Fox and follow some uncritical MAGA grifter on social media for information. I feel sorry for these people; they have been betrayed and can’t let go.

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  1. “He represents the shrinking minority of Trumps base who still believe in him.”
    This type of hope is destructive!

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