Trump’s Foreign Policy Is In Service To Israel

Veterans News Now – by Paul Craig Roberts

Peter Jenkins, a former British ambassador to the International Atomic Energy Agency, expresses concerns about the decisions of France, Germany, and the UK to appease President Trump on fixing “flaws” in the Iranian nuclear agreement.   

Although President Donald Trump has repeatedly threatened to withdraw unilaterally from the nuclear deal, his senior national security team has persuaded him that the diplomatic costs outweigh the benefits of undoing it. | Saul Loeb/AFP

It is worth a read to see that the European governments are still Washington’s toadies despite the “hate Trump” attitude that allegedly prevails among Washington’s European vassals.

Readers need to understand that there are no flaws in the agreement. 

The allegation of “flaws” is an israeli orchestration in order to resurrect the attacks on Iran that the nuclear agreement terminated. What Trump is doing is appeasing Israel. Israel doesn’t want Iran to have long range missiles, non-nuclear ones, that enhance Iran’s defensive posture.

Bibi Manufactured Crisis

More importantly, Israel does not want to lose the nuclear weapons charge that Israel invented and hoped to use to have the US military destabilize Iran a la Iraq and Libya. Israel’s problem with Syria and Iran is that both countries support Hezbollah, the Lebanese militia that has twice driven the vaunted Israeli army out of southern Lebanon, territory Israel wants to occupy for the water resources. If Israel, armed as it is with the American Zionist Neoconservatives who control US foreign policy, can resurrect the Western attack on Iran, Israel can perhaps pressure Iran to abandon Hezbollah and Lebanon to Israel.

I am sometimes asked if I have any regrets about publishing our book. As of today, my only regret is that it is not being published now. After the humiliations that Obama has endured at the hands of the Israel Lobby and the Hagel circus, we would sell even more copies and we would not face nearly as much ill-informed criticism. — Stephen Walt, co-author of the book.

Americans are so totally brainwashed by Israeli propaganda that there is no public restraint on Washington serving Israel’s interest. And that is what Trump is doing. The tough guy is nothing but a panderer for Israel.

What is going on has nothing whatsoever to do with the Iranian nuclear or missile program. It has to do with Israel’s use of US power, including the intimidation power over Europe, to remove Iran as a constraint on Israeli expansion.

Of course, the UK diplomat probably knows this, but he also knows that he cannot say it without being read out of his career as an “anti-semite.”

10 thoughts on “Trump’s Foreign Policy Is In Service To Israel

  1. “..Trump’s Foreign Policy Is In Service To Israel…”

    So is Paul Craig Roberts, but in this article he’s trying to restore his credibility by saying something truthful. (which everyone already knows, of course)

    1. Jolly, will you post something on this thread that confirms your statement the PCRoberts is also in service to Israel? Thanks.

      1. Just a feeling I have from previous articles of his, but when I see him show his hand again I’ll make sure I tell you.

          1. yes, but there’s no risk to the Zionists when he’s spouting truth we already know, or something that’s obvious.

            He’ll use this to gain credibility among the “awakened”, and be much more subtle about the deception (or propaganda)

        1. I stopped sending anything from him in about 3 years or so ago, JR. Can’t recall exactly what it was, but he wrote something back then that was really off-kilter, so I aced him.

          1. Yeah, me too. I don’t have a link now, but one will turn up. (probably his next article). I just see him as an “intellectual’s” Alex Jones, playing both side of the street, and I think I pointed out something more specific on a recent article of his posted here.

  2. Best thing about this article is the Yahoo Acme bomb photo.

    I don’t know how he even shows his face in public after THAT one.

    Oh, wait, he’s a jew… no shame to THEIR game.

    Regardless of how retarded it is.

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