3 thoughts on “Trump’s Got A Trump Card

  1. How many times will the idiots fall for the same stupid tricks?

    The Zionists know what the people want, and every four years they trot out a new face to tell them what they want to hear, because that reassures them that they can vote their way back to sanity, return to their TV sets, and their illusion of comfortable lives in the big lie.

    Even if they did allow Trump to become a candidate, and win the election, he’s still just another billionaire with his nose up a Zionist ass, and he’ll continue kissing that ass for the duration of his presidency, regardless of what he says he’s going to to.

    Furthermore, he didn’t “build a billion-dollar real estate empire”; he was born into it, as his father built “Trump Village”, which is a huge high-rise apartment complex filled with Jews near Coney Island. Will mega-millions in capitol behind him, it was impossible to NOT become a billionaire during the easy-money boom period the Fed Res. made in order to steal more property when they crash it. Trump happened to be in the right place at the right time, with a ton of Daddy’s money to gamble in a casino that was doling out free money to everyone. Otherwise, he’s just another spoiled rich kid with a big mouth.

  2. Trump is just a tool to fool the public that that you have no alternative but to hail hillary. Think ross perot., he got willie elected. trumps empire would not survive without mojado”s
    Man this shiyt gets old for critically thinking people.

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