4 thoughts on “TRUNEWS Live Coverage of AIPAC 2019 – Tuesday Morning March 26th

  1. I hope one of the so called leader we have here ask aipac if we can repair are roads and build a wall . Just maybe if they ask nicely they will let us update a few things here . So far not one that’s talking have I every heard them say a fzcking good thing about the USA but they talk up the Jew state fzcking commie fzck all of them . Everyone that in the USA. Needs to watch this and get a lesson on with who the traitors are .

  2. Nancy Pelosi speaks at 9:29 min. left in video (toward the end) approximately. Boy, I think she’s jooish after listening to her grovel. Her father as she speaks of was totally into the joos. Worth a listen.

  3. Hey Katie watch the clown from my state McConnell he just pissed me off . We have some of the worst roads in the country and yet he give our paper away without getting a fing dime for roads are improvement here

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