6 thoughts on “Truth

  1. He nails it
    I made a sign for my car window ‘The cure for COVID… turn off the tell a lie vision’

    1. How’s it going Deon? You got the trigger well oiled? This community is luckier than hell your backin us up. We got some damn fine people up in here man, your one of them Deon. Incredible people on this site.

      Everybody on here is family, incredible..

      Yeah, we got a couple people trying to one up Henry with bullshit, fkg kids, whata ya gonna do? ­čÖé

    1. Oh yeah, for sure, I was talking about yesterday’s show, one of the trolls trying to diss the Bill of Rights with some BS about validity. Drives me nuts having to listen to that crap, Henrys got a hell of a lot more patience than me, thats for damn sure. Just wondering if you heard it. One of the youngsters playing some kind of one upmanship crap. Damn kids..

      Long time listener, but likes to play these damn games..

      Anyway, just wanted to say hi man..

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