9 thoughts on “The Truth About Popular Culture

  1. This post modernism came along with the New Age push, and rejects traditional spirituality of god as well as the Modernist achievements of logic, science and reason. It rejects absolutes in favor of subjective reality. Therefore knowledge is “relative”. Science and logic are one way, but “my” beliefs are just as pertinent, since everyone experiences reality from their own perspective.
    This is why people like at FTTWR, who research, find facts, absolutes and use reason and logic are not even listened to, because people have been taught through their Marxist, deconstructionist teachers and professors that “My opinion” trumps reason. Their response to your reasonable argument is pure ad hominim , argumentative and they didn’t even try to follow your thought line, they didn’t even hear what you said. A major result is a pack of egotistical know it alls, whose knowledge is merely nothing more than their beliefs- but they know better than you.

  2. The truth about popular culture is just one reason I am finishing up a novel about it. Will post online soon, and it will be FREE!

  3. Not all millennials are into this crap either. My daughter doesn’t listen to Bieber or the rest knowing it is meaningless. Her fave music is true rock&roll, Japanese style. And yes, it is rebellious, like rock music should be.

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