One thought on “The Truth about Property Rights!

  1. Am struggling to understand this and perhaps someone can assist.

    At the 1:50 mark the speaker poses the question: “Where do property rights come from?” He then answers his own question stating: “Property rights are inherent; property rights are natural law.” He says they are “a universal human right.” He asserts that, “Even the pauper at his front door has a line that the king cannot cross.” I agree with all this but am confused about how it applies to anyone who has no land and wants to claim some land as his natural right.

    I guess what I’m asking is, if there was no bureaucracy how would one exercise this “inherent right?” Would it be like the old days, just a matter of who got there first and staked a claim? And is this something that a planet of seven and a half billion people would be able to orchestrate?

    Perhaps it’s just because “inherent rights” are being infringed that this primal method of attaining land is unavailable to most humans? Really trying to understand. Grrrrr…


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