Try to Remember September, War

Antietam, fought on September 17, 1862, was of even greater significance in the war than either the first or the second Battle of Bull Run. It remains the bloodiest single day of conflict in American history, a day when more than 3,600 Americans died.

George W. Bush Address to Joint Session of Congress Following 9/11 Attacks

Deadly Lessons: The Last Time China and America Went to War

In November 1950, China and the United States went to war. Thirty-six thousand Americans died, along with upwards of a quarter million Chinese, and half a million or more Koreans. If the United States was deeply surprised to find itself at war with the People’s Republic of China, a country that hadn’t even existed the year before, it was even more surprised to find itself losing that war. The opening Chinese offensive, launched from deep within North Korea, took U.S. forces by complete operational surprise. The U.S.-led United Nations offensive into North Korea was thrown back, with the U.S. Army handed its worst defeat since the American Civil War.  

Amerika, The episode ended with Col. Andrei Denisov (Sam Neill) in despair about the mass murders. Like a child suckling its mother, he phoned his American ex-mistress, Kimberly Ballard (Mariel Hemingway), for comfort and begged her to sing “Try to Remember,” the tender tune from “The Fantasticks” that she had performed in outlaw theater. As she sang this time, slowly and haltingly (“Try to remember . . . the kind of September when life was slow and oh so mellow. . .”), he hung up, as if lowering a shade on his own life. At that moment, Denisov was as dead as the murdered members of Congress.

Margaux Hemingway Is Dead; Model and Actress Was 41

July 3, 1996 – The badly decomposed body of the actress and model Margaux Hemingway, who was once described as the face of a generation, was discovered by friends on Monday in her home in Santa Monica, Calif., the police said. She was 41.

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  1. It brought tears to my eyes in 1987 and did it again 31 years later. What a powerful and unforgettable scene.

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