5 thoughts on “TSA Hypocrite Cares About His Liberties, But Not Yours

    1. Yea Paul, that guy just doesn`t want to be caught with his hands down someones pants or up some ones butt. Yea he must have something to hide, I wonder what it is lol

  1. Does anyone else think this guy looks like Cedric the Entertainer? He needs a “LEO” (is that the code word we are using for police these days? I mean we can’t say the “B” word or the “T” word or the “G” word, so I guess we need a code word for police, now, right?) to help him and that woman is already on the phone just because the guy is holding a cellphone.

    Yea, I remember this commercial. It was for a HEFTY garbage bag. “HEFTY, HEFTY, HEFTY!!! WIMPY, WIMPY, WIMPY!!!”

    The male is a fat-ass, hefty individual, spouting attitude like his all that, while the woman is wimpy little girl, afraid of her own shadow, who has to call for help for even the smallest problem.

    How pathetic. And these fools want a gun? Oh, brother! (shaking my head)

  2. yeah he doesn’t want to be on camera (BTW too late simpleton)
    because he is doing something he knows is wrong, now he more than likely wasn’t doing it when this person was filming, but you can bet he probably does it every day

    like maybe taking something small out of the trays,(cash) or a carry on..sure he doesn’t want to be filmed, because he cant keep his thieving hands to himself and he’s afraid with the cameras around eventually he’s gonna get busted

    he’s acting guilty for a reason

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