TSA takes me into Private Room, “Everything’s gotta get touched.”


Published on Mar 2, 2014 by Will Bratton

My recent experience with TSA at IAH, George W. Bush Airport in Houston, Texas.

First they groped me for opting-out of the body-scanner, and then they false-positive alerted on me after the gloves they groped me with alarmed “explosives”.

Having been sexually assaulted by TSA before in the Miami Airport, I was concerned. I asked what they were going to do next, and they replied, “Something that’s going to make you want to leave the country.”

I repeatedly requested that the following procedure be done in public, for all of our interests, and they insisted on taking me into the private room. I stood firmly on the position that I would only leave the public view if the act were filmed by my wife.

One thought on “TSA takes me into Private Room, “Everything’s gotta get touched.”

  1. He is immigrating, Most likely for the safety of his family. In truth that will be fine for now but there is really no place you can go to escape TPTB eventually. Sooner or later he will have to make the choice he didn’t here and that is to stand. He has to know what NWO stands for eh?

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