Tsarnaev brothers didn’t rob a 7-Eleven: spokeswoman


The brothers suspected to have carried out the Boston Marathon bombings earlier this week were caught on camera at a convenience store on the night of April 18—but they didn’t rob a 7-Eleven in Cambridge as has widely been reported, says company spokeswoman Margaret Chabris.

Chabris told Maclean’s that a 7-Eleven location at 750 Massachusetts Ave. in Cambridge did experience a robbery last night, but the Tsarnaev brothers are not the suspects. She said widely released surveillance photos that feature Dzhokhar Tsarnaev do not resemble the interior of any 7-Eleven location in the area.  

“I’ve seen the picture of the guy who did rob a Cambridge 7-Eleven store last night at 10:30, and let me tell you, he looks totally different than the [Tsarnaev brothers],” she said. “Not only that, the picture of the suspect that is on the news websites is taken from a store that is not ours.”

Chabris added that some media outlets insist the Tsarnaev brothers did rob a 7-Eleven—a charge she repeatedly denies.

“Some of them say they got the information from a credible source,” she said. “And I say, yeah, they may be a credible source, but they’re incorrect.”


2 thoughts on “Tsarnaev brothers didn’t rob a 7-Eleven: spokeswoman

  1. I tried to email you folks this video. For some reason, you can’t view it unless you have the URL even though the tags are correct.

    It shows a CNN interview with deceased Linzi Lu’s professor at BU. He was kind of smirking during the interview, so, I did a little more research on him.

    Guess what. Not only is he NOT a professor at BU, he doesn’t exist.

    Check it out and let’s get this baby going viral.


    PS Can’t find her in the BU or people finders directories either.

    1. The video is private and can’t be viewed.
      If you have the title of the video, maybe we can find it somewhere else.

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