Tucker Baffled By Calexit Admitting They Want to Replace Middle Class With Illegals

Published on Aug 2, 2017 by DronetekPolitics

You do have to wonder if this was some kind of a joke. Either this guy is a complete idiot who let the truth slip, or he’s another jokster. I do believe Tucker already interviewed another Calexit spox who ended up being a prankster.

Source: http://www.foxnews.com

3 thoughts on “Tucker Baffled By Calexit Admitting They Want to Replace Middle Class With Illegals

  1. Baffled? Did Carlson lose his script notes? Because that’s the only time he would really be baffled. He already knows who he’s interviewing beforehand and he knows what the interview is about.
    So where’s the bafflement?
    If they mean to say he’s acting baffled then I would agree, somewhat. He’s an actor. He’s acting in a little scene and his spook handler is baffled as to how he got stuck handling such a sh-tty actor.
    There’s a whole lotta bafflin goin on.

  2. If that’s the way they want it. I’m going to start a buss service to help them. We don’t need immigrants directly from other countries, we can bus them to California from all the other states. Think of all the money California will save.
    These people are already signed up to the system, they know the ropes.
    Everybody wins!…That smirking jerk should take a good look in the mirror while he spews out his B*ll S**t.
    It requires a shoe size I.Q. to be convinced of that nonsense.
    Illegal immigrants will maintain the system, just as before? Just as they maintained their own countries,I’m presuming. This will be exciting to watch.

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