Tucker Carlson Admits Trump ‘Recklessly Encouraged’ Capitol Rioters

Jan 8, 2021
Even Tucker Carlson is blaming President Trump for inciting that siege on the Capitol, but he’s taking issue with the actions being taken by lawmakers.

One thought on “Tucker Carlson Admits Trump ‘Recklessly Encouraged’ Capitol Rioters

  1. I know Tucker Carlson has a lot of fans, but you have to remember something: If he wasn’t willing to shovel the BS, he wouldn’t be on TV.
    He’s not revealing anything we don’t already know. He’s only catering to a market that already exists.
    The fact of the mater is that if Tucker Carlson wasn’t on TV taking a conservative line, a lot of people would simply look for information elsewhere, that the Zionists can’t control. People like Tucker Carlson (and Alex Jones) keep the dissidents corralled by appealing to what they’ve learned elsewhere, and providing similar discussion that never goes all the way to the whole truth.

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