Tucker Carlson slams ‘pornographic’ ‘WAP’ performance at the Grammys for ‘trying to degrade our culture and hurt our children’

Daily Mail

Fox News host Tucker Carlson has slammed a performance at Sunday night’s Grammy Awards saying it was ‘intentionally trying to degrade our culture and hurt our children.’

Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion’s dance routine for their song WAP contained x-rated pole-dancing by the pair, leading to criticism online and one anti-porn group labeling the performance ‘hardcore’ porn.

The dueling rappers left little to the imagination in their ode to female anatomy, marking the first time they’ve performed the hit live.

Carlson wasn’t the only one to take offense at the routine with an anti-porn group saying the show contributed to the sexual exploitation of women’ and the ‘normalization’ of porn culture.

See the videos and read the rest here: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9365767/Anti-porn-group-slams-Cardi-B-Megan-Thee-Stallions-explicit-pole-dancing-performance-Grammys.html


5 thoughts on “Tucker Carlson slams ‘pornographic’ ‘WAP’ performance at the Grammys for ‘trying to degrade our culture and hurt our children’

  1. I saw this performance. It was the raunchiest, sleaziest thing and I couldn’t believe it was on a prime-time show. But that’s where they want to take us, while at the same time trying to give women dignity. War is peace and porn is purity. I was seething at the tv: “You bastards stay away from my grandkids.” Some say, don’t watch it, but I have to spy; I have to study their every move so I can do what I can to block. I wanted to post the lyrics to that song here but just couldn’t bring myself to do it. They’re available here if you want to see how bad it is:



    1. They all stop short of telling the whole truth. That may be a good thing, when it comes to weeding out this mess later.

  2. I would comment that if you are going to do a pornographic dance on television and in front of a live audience, you ought not weigh 300 pounds.

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