4 thoughts on “Turkey Hunting

  1. LOL Captain Obvious, you’re coming shopping with me next month. But we’re going to a farm, not to the nearest frozen food isle. Giddy up!

    1. Great. A farm it is!
      I’m cleaning and oiling my grandfather’s Model 1897 Winchester pump right now.
      I need to get the frozen turkey parts off before it rusts.
      It’s a full choke. Great for gobblers, but a bit too concentrated for close in work (like the frozen food aisle)!

  2. Sorry it took me all day to respond. I had company.

    1897 Winchester eh? Bring it! We have a turkey shoot to attend! 🙂

    1. It’s a breakdown model. Easy to transport.
      It kicks like a mule.
      But if you’re on target, there is no doubt. 🙂

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