Turkey releases suspected Israeli spy

Libertarian Republican – by Clifford F. Thies 

The London Daily Mail is reporting that Turkey is releasing a suspected Israeli spy, a kestrel, a bird of prey of the falcon family, after a complete x-ray of the body showed no hidden devices.

The Turks are naturally suspicious of the use of birds of prey by enemies as Arabs are famous for the sport of falconry.   

First, the Arabs, and now the Jews!

Addendum: This bizarre piece of possibly related news from 2008, related, “Falcon responsible for Boeing 747 crash in Brussels – A kestrel falcon was blamed on Monday for the crash in May of a US-owned Boeing 747 cargo plane as it took off from Brussels airport”:

As the aeroplane was taking off, the bird was sucked into one of its four engines, said Etienne Schouppe, a senior transport official, citing an accident report. 

The 747 Kalitta Air jet broke into three pieces not far from houses in the north-east Brussels suburb of Zaventem. 

The five-member crew of the plane, which had been bound for the Gulf state of Bahrain, survived unhurt and no one on the ground was injured in the incident last May.

A history of suspicious activity by the Kestrals?



2 thoughts on “Turkey releases suspected Israeli spy

  1. Funny how Israeli spies are always released because their Daddy usually owns the country’s central bank.

    I’ve had it with the Jews, too. If there are good Jews out there somewhere, they better start speaking up now, because just like the cops, no one has time to start separating the wheat from the chaff here.

    It’s long past time for decent people to take a stand. You’re either part of the solution, or you’re part of the problem, and if you DON’T want that distinction made for you by an angry mob, you better pick a side and get on it right now.

  2. “Turkey releases suspected Israeli spy.”


    IT’S A FREAKIN’ BIRD, for cryin’ out loud!!!

    And people call US paranoid.

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