5 thoughts on “Turkish National Television – Adrenochrome – English Translation

  1. When they come to remove individuals from the home due to the bogus virus, it will be the children

    1. A readymade compliance weapon, custom fitted to be most effective at the makers themselves.

      And for others it’s a driving force to fight tooth and nail, down to the last man and every drop of blood and sweat.

    2. No Mary …( I do hear what your saying)
      It will be a recovery team coming to pick up their dead foot soldiers

      There won’t be any moms , kids, dogs taken from my home ,

      If they decide to come .. it’s going to be the shortest job they ever held

      Unfortunately I cannot go out to fight them as I have my responsibilities to my family (I have found other ways)
      But you can bet , if the war decides my door is worth violating ,they will likely not leave unscathed

      It’s passed time like minded people band together
      Unity is one of the largest powers we have as the rightful owners of ourselves

  2. I hope there is a real HELL for these vain, arrogant people, We all know what Sandra is.
    Really disturbing video, harming innocent children. know your enemy.

  3. Didn’t know about extracting the hormones, etc. from children for the sake of keeping truly useless eaters (Hollywood celebrities) young…actually I thought they all drank the blood of terrified sacrificed babies and children during satanic rituals, which is why most of the evil characters in my books (see ads at side) drank blood or aborted fetus “spirit cooking” liquid.
    Also, Vigilant Citizen site has a post on why celebs and other wealthy useless eaters have those black rings around their eyes….now I know more about this.
    Thanks for posting, Galen.

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