Turkish Situation Proves Slaves Will Be Brutally Punished or Killed if Disobedient

Information Clearinghouse – by Jason Liosatos

As people are battered, brutalized, pepper sprayed and tear gassed in Turkey, it is becoming more and more obvious to the awakening masses that they are living under a tyrannical regime globally, who will do anything to keep its enslaved population under its control, its worker ants, and keep them enchained to their system of fear, debt and work. The brutality by police are obviously orders from government to control at any cost, and it would not take much for the government to take it to the next level, like Assad of Syria, and start killing the uprising people, who are desperate to become free of their slavery.  

It is only when people demand more freedom and push against the bars of their prison, that the bars of the prison become more visible, and felt, in the form of brutal reprimands and punishment by their jailors, the governments, and their police force, who ‘forcibly’ control the prisoners. As people worldwide awaken and rise up against the brutal control of their suppressing governments, it becomes more and more obvious that the more people rise up for their freedom then the more the governments crack down and suppress them which proves we are living under tyranny, a regime of brutal slave masters who would stop at nothing to retain their complete control and domination over the population of each country.

It is a big shock for everyone to realize the truth that, just like Syria, if the Turkish or the US population rose up a bit more than they are and became even more determined, then the tear gas, pepper spray and brutality would certainly turn into bullets, that is the way it is and has always been over millenia, except now it seems a little more sophisticated and people have been convinced that they are living in a democracy, but it is almost the complete opposite. It is a bitter pill to swallow and a painful realization for people to accept they had been controlled, manipulated and convinced that they were free, when in truth they were slaves to their government masters.

Democracy denotes freedom, and the people of this planet under the ruling oligarchs have oppression and slavery not freedom. There is no doubt that we are witnessing the awakening of human beings from a sort of amnesia, a great re membering from a dis membering, and the more the people wake up and realize they are trapped, the more they struggle and try to be free, and the more they struggle and try to be free the more the strangling hands of the tyrannical governments tighten their grip, because this system operates on debt and control of the population, not freedom. The system relies on slavery, and the slaves are waking up, ironically it is the brutality of the slavery which is waking us up. –

Jason Liosatos. www.jasonliosatos.com


10 thoughts on “Turkish Situation Proves Slaves Will Be Brutally Punished or Killed if Disobedient

  1. Please stop with the BS “like Assad of Syria, and start killing the uprising people” How about instead Bush 911 or Bill Clinton WACO or how about LBJ and Vetinam–over 60,000 dead americans. I smell a Kosher rat here!

  2. It’s obvious this writer of this article is deluded. Assad hasn’t killed or tortured his own people. It is the psychopaths coming in from the countries all around, that are killing the civilian Syrians. These killers are being brought in and given weapons by U.S.-rael.

  3. To see how the Gov treats people one only needs to look at the FDA, USDA, DHS, TSA.

    ok and to see these in action as crowd control we can watch and see what happens when there is a huge natural disaster, say a Hurricane?

    Now we have FEMA involved Gun control, the DHS.

    yes it would be worse in the US if there was large scale protest and guess what the DHS is counting on it!

  4. Assad is not fighting an “uprising”. He’s fighting a US/Israeli funded, instigated insurgency. Turks have had enough of their ruler that is influenced by the same belligerents backing Syrian “rebels”

  5. The spark that triggered this was Erdogan intended to destroy a city park so his son-in-law could build a strip mall. People protested to keep the park. The paid goons, as usual, overreacted.And now look at it. What will be our spark?

  6. I deleted Information Clearinghouse from my alternative news bookmarks when they failed to get the memo on the global warming/carbon tax scam. Looks like they haven’t done their homework on Syria, either.

  7. I like this site but when indoctrinated fools try to peddle the lie that Assad started killing his own people I have to say something! Assad has the whole country behind him and they are fighting terrorists that were created by the west and the west is backing their every move. If you post on this site please make sure you tell the truth or you will lose credibility in my eyes and risk me going elsewhere for the news… God bless us all…

    1. We bring articles to the Trenches for discussion to point out truths and lies. The credibility of From the Trenches is not in question here and we will not be intimidated by anyone.
      My personal opinion is formed by my interpretation of the facts, and I agree with you in reference to Assad. And I have to believe this is true of all free thinking Americans.
      Again, do not make the error of attacking the messenger.

  8. Our US Govt is not in control of anything! The major stock holders & board of Directors of the Federal Reserve/Central bank is!!! The NWO has been in effect for longer than anyone would like/dislike to admit…..None of their members can stand Exposure, like the Goldman Sachs, JP Morgans, Chase Bank, etc.. Exposure & boycotting all they own will cause a shift of power back to the right…….It is important to remember that all the Govt Agencies have been infiltrated by this Evil Hoard not only in the USA but the world as the NWO stands for. The United Kingdom is the worst & pulls the purse strings, complete, including our treasury!!! Fight for Liberty & Freedom

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