9 thoughts on “Twin Stick/ 13 Speed Freightliner Classic 2000

  1. Second stick is just s glorified high low switch, just in stick form. Usually there is simply a button on the main stick operated by air pressure. This guy just likes the old school way of doing things.

    Puts on a good show but really kind of ridiculous.

      1. Yes, my new one is a twelve speed forward, two speed reverse fully automatic. That’s with a 500 hp Detroit with around 1800 lbs of torque. I love it, traffic is so bad anymore that a manual is a pain in the ass, especially for this old man. These new trucks are like driving a car now, easy beans, comfortable rides and makes things ten times more comfortable, making those long miles seemingly fly by.

        Alot of people dissagree with automatics, I just laugh, keep my mouth shut and drink the coffee. Here’s a 2018, same truck no difference from my 2019.

        It’s not mine, I just drive it 🙂


          1. Around 6 the way I drive, I’m always heavy and always drive pretty aggressive. A lot of guys are getting 9 10.. And a lot of guys lie. 🙂

          2. Your average billionaires private jet burns 22,500 lbs of fuel on an average long flight. That’s 6.79 lbs per gallon of jet fuel, costing between 6 and 8 dollars per gallon depending on which airport jet terminal is ripping you off.

            So if you do the math……

            There are more private jets now than ever.

            And these guys do this just to get a good steak…

            I’m doing it just to feed their corrupt ass.

        1. It would seem that easier operation gives rise to ineptitude filling previously unattainable endeavors, such as crazed foreign operators who have no regard for anybody’s safety. Adding a bunch of shifters might confuse an inexperienced, automatic-only operator.
          If a millenial gets in my old chevy belair, it has 3-on-the-tree and they’re not likely to figure that out. If they try my high beams, they’ll break my turn signal lever, and them’re spendy items! Plus, manual steering keeps ’em on the straight and narrow.
          Personally, I love automatics, but I can’t seem to ever own one.

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