Twitter Labels NYPost Hunter Biden Expose As “Unsafe”, Won’t Allow Users To Share

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Update (1455ET): If you thought Twitter’s censorship of the NYPost Hunter Biden expose couldn’t get anymore Orwellian, well, you were wrong.

As if preventing users from sharing the link wasn’t enough, the platform has now deleted the NYP’s initial tweet.

We imagine it did so after a flood of hysterical leftists smashed that “report tweet” button.

Meanwhile, after the Biden campaign neglected to comment on the veracity of the emails shared in the NYPost expose, the White House pool reporter reported that the Biden campaign had called a “lid” – that is, an end to all in-person campaign-related events – before 10am, ensuring the former VP wouldn’t have any prolonged in person contact with reporters on the same day the expose dropped.

As we’ve explained in the past, a “lid” is essentially permission for the doting reporters covering Biden’s campaign to head home for the day. His campaign’s frequent use of the practice has drawn more unwanted attention to the cozy relationship between the Biden campaign and the Washington Press corp.

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Update (1430ET): Twitter is now apparently flagging this morning’s NY Post report as “unsafe” and refusing to allow its users to share it.

This is an escalation from earlier, when Twitter was merely prompting users to reconsider before sharing.

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Update (1405ET): While left-wing conspiracy theorists try to denounce the emails published by the NYP as fake, the Trump Campaign has just pointed out something very interesting in its latest comment on the issue.

This medium post purporting to show that the emails were “photoshopped” has been making the rounds – unimpeded – on social media.

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Update (1310ET): In the social media contest to see which platforms can successfully suppress Wednesday’s NYP Hunter Biden scoop, it looks like Twitter has taken the lead. In addition to scrubbing Hunter’s name from its trending topics, Twitter is hitting users trying to retweet the story with one of their “are you sure?” prompts.

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Update (1255ET): Hours after the Trump Campaign earlier blasted the Biden Campaign’s “blatant selling of access”, team Biden has finally responded by asserting that the meeting between VP Biden and a top Burisma executive described in one of the leaked emails detailed below never took place.

“We have reviewed Joe Biden’s official schedules from the time and no meeting, as alleged by the New York Post, ever took place,” said campaign spokesman Andrew Bates in a statement.

The team also claimed that they were never approached by the reporters who published the story.

To be sure, just because it wasn’t on Biden’s “official” schedule, doesn’t mean it didn’t happen.

The Biden camp also claimed the NY Post did nothing to try and corroborate the “unverified” emails.

Notably, the NY Post has shared one of the emails in full in a PDF document.

480001185 Email From Vadim Pozharskyi to Devon Archer and Hunter Biden by Zerohedge on Scribd

Critics are calling for the Post to release metadata from the emails, or some other clue to verify the messages.

Meanwhile, Trump Campaign spokesman Tim Murtaugh makes a good point.

“The real question is, as of course this has been seized by the FBI since then, why has the FBI been sitting on this?” Murtaugh said, adding, “I would also further point out that no one seemed to care when someone committed an obvious federal crime by leaking the president’s tax documents to the New York Times.”

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Update (1150ET): More high-profile conservatives have lashed out at Facebook for censoring the story about Hunter Biden.

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One thought on “Twitter Labels NYPost Hunter Biden Expose As “Unsafe”, Won’t Allow Users To Share

  1. Hiding the truth of guilt
    Never goes over well
    No matter the “ political party”

    Oh and Fck twitter and any media that makes choices for we the people as to what information we can have or share

    Platforms that pull this shit
    Should no longer exist ,,, by tomorrow

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