Two Atlanta Police Cruisers Hit by Bricks, Rocks After Police Beat Man and Pepper Spray Kids

Cell phone video shot by a neighbor shows officers surrounding a man on the ground.  (Courtesy WSB-TV)Infowars – by Adan Salazar

Two Atlanta police cars were pelted with bricks, rocks and hammers Tuesday night after they cruised into a neighborhood where residents were already angered over cell phone footage that captured a man being beaten by several officers.

According to WSBTV, that man and another woman were questioning why a separate arrest was taking place. Instead of answering their questions, witnesses say police responded with “direct violence.”  

“Neighbors told us officers beat Cory Hill and Nakia Jenkins, and pepper sprayed several others including children,” reported WSBTV’s Amy Napier Viteri.

The cell phone video, captured on Monday, shows Hill being bludgeoned by at least 3 different policemen while he struggles to shield his face and body from repeated baton blows.

“The police choked him from the back and wrestled him down and pepper-sprayed him and was beating him with a baton,” the suspect’s mother Nisele Browning told CBS Atlanta.

Another witness, Anthony Jenkins, told CBS, “They beat him, beat him in the head with batons, he’s got a blood clot in his eye and I don’t know if he has gotten treatment since they locked him up.”

Atlanta Police Chief George Turner says Hill was verbally harassing the officers, and also says Jenkins jumped on the back of a cop, a claim one witness, Marlon Kautz, a member of an activist group called CopWatch, disputes.

Kautz also says he and other CopWatch volunteers saw police striking one of the suspects behind a dumpster.

The next night, two police cruisers returned to monitor protests in the neighborhood. That’s when witnesses say the cars were surrounded by more than 50 angry neighborhood residents and demonstrators who threw rocks, bricks and hammers at the cars causing minor dents and scrapes.

One officer said he was scared and thought they were being shot. “When a brick hits your car it almost sounds like a gunshot, it’s scary,” Sgt Greg Lyon said. “The officers riding through had nothing to do with that arrest and were simply going to check out what was going on and were subsequently attacked by these brick-wielding individuals.”

Reportedly, police arrested one CopWatch member Tuesday night. “The person arrested actually punched the window next to one of the officers of the vehicle. In this case he wasn’t a brick thrower, he used his hands,” Sgt Lyon stated.

The police chief says the incident will sour the otherwise “great relationship” police had with members of the community, but Kautz told the Atlanta Journal Constitution the neighborhood has long been fearful of police, remarking, “Everyone I talk to over there is terrified of the police.”

Police say an investigation will be conducted to determine whether or not officers acted accordingly in the video.

8 thoughts on “Two Atlanta Police Cruisers Hit by Bricks, Rocks After Police Beat Man and Pepper Spray Kids

  1. Too bad those cops didn`t catch a brick or hammer up side the head. How many cops were beating that guy, I think I counted 7 or 8 cops there involved in the beating, not counting the other cops there.

  2. Until the police return to their prime directive, to serve and to protect,
    this is going to escalate until a tipping point is reached and the
    police become an occupying force to be hunted and exterminated like
    US soldiers in Afghanistan. The police are outnumbered 700 to 1 in the
    US. At least 150 million Americans live in poverty and are constantly
    being harassed by the police. A note to the police, beware, once
    the rubicon is crossed and you become the “enemy” there will be no
    going back…

    1. The US Supreme Court has REPEATEDLY confirmed that the police have NO, ZERO, ZIP, Constitutional obligation to protect you. The police can stand right there and watch you be beaten to death and they have NO responsibility to lift a finger to help you. Just ask Reginald Denny.
      The police are there to protect “society” which means the GOVERNMENT.

  3. Mandatory Steroid and Drug testing for ALL cops. Funny how it is ZERO TOLERANCE for the People, but the police get away with murder.

    1. yes Alberet, i agree 100%. I also think that they should have a ignition interlock installed on every cop car used – marked or unmarked squad – and in order to start the car they would have to blow into a breathalizer each time the car is to be started. Mandatory drug testing atleast once a week for all cops, jailers, and prison personel along with all govt. workers, period . And they should be fired on the spot when they fail a test and loose the right to work in the pubic sector or to even have a firearm.

  4. Policewoman in the video says, something along the lines of “Oh we don’t know why the people of the neighborhood threw rocks, bricks and hammers at our police cars but we would be more than happy to address any or all of their concerns and will be going to the neighborhood tomorrow to do so, so I hope they feel free to speak to us and voice their concerns.”

    What she probably said immediately after she got off of camera with the MSM. “Alright, tomorrow we are going to go to that shitty ass neighborhood, go door to door and beat the shit out of everyone until we find the F**KER responsible for damaging our police cruiser and arrest them, their family and their the rest of their friends. If they come out voluntarily, we’ll throw them to the ground, handcuff and taser the shit out of them to show them we mean business and if they no one comes out to talk to the police at all, we’ll send in SWAT to take care of the rest. How dare they throw lethal objects at policemen. Who the hell do they think they are. F**K’em all!”.

    Cops ought to be prepared because WE THE PEOPLE will be coming for them.

    Bad boys, bad boys. Watcha gonna do? Watcha gonna do when WE THE PEOPLE come for YOU!

  5. They’re not doing any serious damage hitting those cars with bricks and rocks.

    They need to hit those damn cops with them.

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